Property Managers Report – October 2017

We are happy to report that the expected Category 4 hurricane was nowhere near that strength by the time PGA National felt its effects. According to the Palm Beach Post, the top wind speed in Palm Beach Gardens was 84 mph with gusts over 90 mph but that was enough to topple and break apart over 500 trees on POA property and along main roads and pull branches down from an additional 425 trees. A number of PGA owners were without electricity for up to 3 days but we know of no structural damage. Those residents in Miami and the Keys and along the west coast should remain in our thoughts and prayers; they took the brunt of the storm.

For those with plywood, metal panels and Fabric Shield on windows and doors, please be aware these items should be removed by now and we respectfully request that you remove this type of window protection ASAP.

The City of Palm Beach Gardens and FEMA worked hard to pick up debris inside the communities. It took a little longer in the POA Common areas but we appreciate your patience during the cleanup.  We truly appreciate the residents and the HOA/Condo Associations promptly cleaning everything up so quickly in the neighborhoods!

PGA security, with sincere appreciation to Keith Echols, Security Director and the on-site team who stayed during the hurricane, started immediately clearing streets and storm drains as soon as the “all clear” was given. PGA Golf Maintenance, Resort Security and NPBCID were all pitching in to ensure that the roads were not flooded and emergency personnel could get though – Great Job Everyone! Annco Maintenance personnel and Bartlett Tree Service have been cleaning up all POA common areas and roadways. PGA National covers 2,340 acres so it is no small undertaking. As of the writing of this article, we anticipate it will take 30 days to fully restore order so it looks like there was never a storm and we can resume our regular prune and mow schedule. 

I think we were very fortunate and hope we don’t have to go through this again.  Thank you to everyone who prepared in advance then immediately cleaned up yards and communities.  Mother Nature will regenerate the landscape; I’m happy it is only landscape that was destroyed. Thanks again everyone!

Being human, we tend to be reactive instead of proactive and many owners will realize they need to install hurricane shutters (or change panels to something easier to install/close); generators will be a popular item; and roofs may need replacement. Certainly landscape will need restoration!

Please remember that any and all exterior changes require prior written approval from the POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”). If you lost a tree during the storm, you can of course remove it but you must still get approval. The ARC application form is available here. The process is easier than it sounds and Lori Moody at the POA office is always willing to help.

In summary, we need a photo of the tree (or, if it has been removed, a photo showing where the tree was) and this needs to be submitted with your request for removal. No, the ARC isn’t crazy asking for pictures of invisible trees – they need to know whether the tree must be replaced so your request should indicate whether or not you want to replace the tree and, if so, advise what species/size you would like to use. The POA Design Review Manual requires a certain number of trees on each lot. The idea is to buffer architecture so the photo does serve a purpose. Be sure to take it from far enough away that the ARC can see the area around the tree (ie: we don’t need a close up of a stump please).

The ARC meets on the 3rd Thursday each month and applications must be received a week before the meeting, so be sure to make application in plenty of time to ensure that any conditions for approval can be met. For example, don’t have the shutter company start fabrication of your new accordion shutters before you get approval. The ARC may deny the type of shutter where you want it (eg: accordion shutters on arched windows are not typically permitted).

Again, you can reach Lori Moody at (561) 627-2800 and she can help you with the process.


Property Managers Report – August 2017


If your barcode isn’t opening the gate, it is probably a result of one of these things:

  • you are a renter with an expired lease
  • you had a temporary tag that expired and you didn’t notify the POA of the new license plate number; or
  • your barcode decal is old and/or damaged.

If the sticker looks gray and black (instead of black and white) or if there are scratches or tears on the decal, it is time for a replacement. If you park outside or use a car wash regularly, the barcode will typically start to fail after approximately two years. The most sensitive reader is at the Northlake Blvd entry so if you are having problems there (or any other PGA gate) just stop by the POA office with the vehicle registration and $5.00 (and the car, of course) and we will have you in and out in minutes.

Please do not pull barcodes off and re-stick them on new cars (or other cars). They are designed to tear but even if you successfully transfer the barcode, it won’t work (or not for long). As indicated above, it only takes a couple minutes to get a new barcode so please help us keep our database accurate and get a new barcode. Likewise, let us know if you get a different license plate so we can update the records.

A point on the weather and barcodes: We are in the regular afternoon rain cycle. It’s good for the plants and grass but doesn’t allow us to attach barcodes. Please don’t get upset with staff when we can’t attach a barcode immediately following rains. We don’t mind getting wet, but the glue on the barcodes does not like any dampness. If there is any moisture at all, the decal just slides off. To answer your next question, no, we can’t just give it to you.

We are hopeful that someday we will have 24 hour access control so it is important the database is accurate. If we don’t attach the decal we have no way of knowing whether it was put on the registered car or given to a friend, relative, housekeeper, etc. (Amazing I know but, yes, it does happen). Also, if the device isn’t attached exactly right, the scanner won’t accurately read it.


Just a quick reminder (again: yes, I’m nagging) storm season started already and late August starts the peak time for those “H” storms to blow in and devastate the place! If you don’t already have your preparation procedures in place please get started. Information for preparation before, during and after a storm can be obtained at any local TV station website and here in the POA website.


After almost 20 years as your property manager, I’ve come to know a lot of you and with deep sorrow and regret, had to weather the loss of a good number of residents.  Although I can’t mention everyone, I would be remiss not to mention Phil Slifka who we lost last month.

Phil served on the POA Board from 1999 to 2012 where he Chaired the Maintenance & Landscape Committee. He continued to chair the Landscape Committee for several more years after leaving the Board.   He was instrumental in the plan for Masters Park and the “In Honor Of” benches and plants in that park.  His daughter Judy has a tranquil bench/arbor on the west side of the park. I remember when residents donated to buy it in Judy’s memory… many donated!

That alone speaks volumes for Phil and Naomi Slifka. I think almost everyone in PGA knew and loved Phil and even those who didn’t know him personally saw him walking his best bud, Sammy, along Ryder Cup while keeping an eye on the common areas of  The Legends and PGA National. He always had a smile and time to chat; he truly cared about the community and all of PGA National.  Phil will be sadly missed by his neighbors and friends, and the Lang Management team at the Legends and at PGA POA.  Our thoughts and sympathy to his wife, Naomi.

Property Manager’s Report – October 2015


In the last issue, I mentioned that in January it will be time for the POA Annual meeting and elections.  There are vacancies on the nine member POA Board of Governors so if you have some experience with associations, feel you can offer good input, you play well with others, and you are interested in serving on the Board of Governors, be sure to send a “letter of introduction” (i.e.: your name and contact info and a brief background with your related experience).  I will pass the info on to the Nominating Committee.

The annual meeting will be Wednesday, January 20th at 6:00 p.m. in the PGA National Resort so mark your calendar and attend the meeting.  This is the annual member’s meeting (or owners’ meeting) and a lot of information about PGA National is shared.   Local officials also attend with information about the area and planned projects around PGA.  Don’t worry, the meeting rarely lasts more than an hour so it is a great reason to go out and enjoy a nice meal after (or before!) the meeting.


Oh wait, we are stopped!  For those who are wondering if the POA lost its mind and just wants to leave black paper on the outside of the Northlake guardhouse, the answer is no.  We sincerely apologize for the delay but the plan was to install impact glass on the doors and windows.  The stone contractor began his work but the window company closed up (no pun intended) so it caused some delays while a new company fabricated windows.  By the time you read this the project should be moving along nicely.  Again, we appreciate your patience.


No, not the cigarette – the holiday lights!   For all who have been complaining about the holiday lighting (myself more than anyone, especially since people yell at me – really – about the design) I am happy to report that the plan has been changed considerably this year.  Of course the Northlake entry will be under construction but we’ve managed to have the center median trees nicely lit.  The other entries will have different lighting too and the Board heard you when you said the various displays (carolers, train, etc) were ‘dated’ but Santa and the Reindeer must continue to fly past the PGA logo on the hill.  I don’t want to spoil it but I hope you’ll enjoy the new lighting plan.  The lights go on around Thanksgiving….wow, where did the time go?


I can’t believe it is October!  As I just said, what happened to the whole year?  Seasonal residents will start returning soon and if you are into horror movies, you probably noticed that my heading is a line from a famous one. No, I am NOT calling our seasonal residents horrors!   I’m referring to the frightening time of year.   It is, after all, the month of Halloween and in addition to the heavier traffic with residents returning, we will have lots of Ghosties and Ghoulies doing the “Trick or Treat” thing.  Every year we seem to have more families with children moving into PGA National.  That’s a good thing but we all need to remember that it means more people on and along the roadways.  The maximum speed in PGA is 35 mph and that is only in a few areas.  Most streets have a 25 mph speed limit.  The point to all this babbling is to nag you, again, to slow down inside the community and watch for pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists, children and wildlife!

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Halloween – BOO!

Property Manager’s Report – October 2013

No, that isn’t an invitation to raise your glass; it’s a recognition of my fellow service personnel (yes, I was in the Air Force for a while). For those who haven’t been paying attention, there is a very active Veteran’s Committee and on Sunday, November 10th they are having a Dedication Ceremony at the new Veteran’s Garden in Masters Park (on the corner of Ryder Cup Blvd at Ave. of the Masters). Please look for the article in this issue of C.A.N.!

In this issue of C.A.N. you will find a notice about the PGA POA Annual Meeting and Election to be held in January. Anyone interested in running for election to the POA Board should send a letter to the POA by the end of October so the Nominating Committee can contact you. All POA Board members serve a two year term and most will Chair one of the POA Committees. A complete list of POA Committees can be found here on the website or you can call me for more information.

If you are one of the many residents who either got a new license plate or a new car, the POA needs to be aware. It has come to our attention that some residents who purchased a new car have peeled the bar code and re-attached it to the new car. While this might work for a while with the older bar codes, it will fail eventually. Of more serious concern is that the data on file is now incorrect. The POA Board and staff have worked hard to ensure that the gate data base is as accurate as possible so when or if the POA ever gets full-time access control, we won’t have to again issue 10,000 bar codes. To help us keep info up-to-date, you should contact the POA to let us know if your license plate has changed and, if you get a new car, you should get a new barcode. They are only $5.00 and it takes less than 2 minutes on average for us to assign the new bar code sticker.

One other thing: If you find that the gate does not open (especially at the Northlake entry which has the most sensitive reader) it may be time to get a new bar code sticker. Cars that are parked outside, bar codes issued more than 5 years ago, and vehicles that get regular professional cleaning can all be subject to the sticker deteriorating. Once the barcode starts to look black and gray instead of black and white, it is definitely time for a new sticker. The POA is open 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and for those who absolutely, positively can’t make it during those hours, if you call me, I will do my best to accommodate you. We really appreciate your cooperation.

The POA recently completed the annual tree trimming in the common areas. If you haven’t trimmed the trees on your property, you should get this done soon. The “H” season lasts until the end of November and trees will survive a storm much better if the wind can blow through the trees rather than hitting a solid, dense canopy which causes the tree to blow over. Don’t wait until a storm is spotted in the Atlantic… then it’s too late to have the tree trimmed and debris removed. You should also have your other supplies (batteries, flashlights, canned food, etc.) on hand. Just because it’s October doesn’t mean we are in the clear; after all Jeannie and Francis both visited in late October!

You are, I am sure, aware that school started last month. First, a reminder to SLOW DOWN and be aware that we have kids of all ages waiting beside the road and crossing streets to get to their bus stop. This also means that parents, in an effort to keep their children safe, are parking by bus stops and waiting to pick up/drop off their children. Some don’t realize they are obstructing the site lines for other cars which creates a whole new danger. If you are one of the parents who wait for the bus, please be aware of where you are parking to wait. The POA is looking into some kind of solution since moving bus stops is not the answer….historically it just moves the problem or creates additional concerns. Additional paver pads may be installed in some areas.

Also, for parents whose children ride their bicycle to the bus stop, please tell your children not to chain their bikes to trees, guardrails and other similar structures/landscape. A bicycle rack has been ordered for Marlwood Park. Do not leave bikes on Tournament at Ryder Cup; lock the bicycle in the park then walk over to the bus stop.

Property Manager’s Report – September 2012

HI everyone: I missed you last month! I won’t take much of your time but there are a few important reminders:

I’m sure you have noticed the friendly attitude of the guards when you enter any of the PGA gates. Well, that’s the ABM Security Services (also known as Elite Protection Services) crew. As indicated in the memo sent to all PGA residents with the annual assessment notice, the Board of Governors signed a contract with Elite as of July 1st. In addition to a nice savings which allowed us to keep the POA annual assessment at the same $700.00 as last year, Elite also brought a lot of technological advances to the community. All patrol cars have laptop computers so the guards on patrol can immediately look up information instead of having to radio the main Communication Center. Elite is also supplying new license plate recognition cameras at all gates and a number of improvements have been made (and will be made) to the access control software programs. There are quite a few improvements to the overall service that I can’t go into (in case the “bad guys” are reading this too) but suffice to say the Security Committee and Board of Governors did an excellent job with the bid process and selection/transition.

After Elite came on Board, a few residents called because they had not seen the patrol vehicles. They are still there but the cars are not as “bold” as the former G4S vehicles with the graphics on the windows and red stripes. There should be a photo here on the POA’s website and you’ll see the light bar on the top is a “low profile” with clear lenses (although the bulbs have color when the lights are on).

Due to the aforementioned improvements, the patrols are in the communities more frequently than in the past. All vehicles have GPS units so management can look at the computer and tell you exactly where any patrol vehicle is located at any given time.

The POA was fortunate to be able to keep some of the key personnel who were assigned to PGA National for many years which made the transition very smooth – but Elite also did an excellent job in communicating and holding frequent training and orientation meetings so the change was as seamless as it could be for a 5,000 home community that was with G4S / Wackenhut for almost 20 years. Our friends at G4S also did a great job and will be missed but I know you’ll welcome the Elite crew!

There have been owners who have found items stolen from their unlocked cars and there was one residential burglary recently. In the case of all the cars to date, residents left the doors unlocked and someone helped themselves to change and other easily taken items. In the case of the residential burglary, the owner DID lock the door and set the alarm but someone entered via a very small window and took small but valuable items. They were in and out within minutes so the only caution we can give you is to keep your eyes (and ears) open! If you see anyone suspicious, day or night, call security (627-1600). I’ve said it before: It doesn’t matter if security responds to 100 calls that turn out to be nothing and we would rather they do that than to miss the one that really is a legitimate suspicious person intent on causing harm or damage. There are a lot of workers in the community during the day but it is a popular time for break-ins. Here are some things to look for:

  • Someone driving around a community perhaps passing by every few minutes
  • Someone fishing inside a community (which is against the rules)
  • Someone walking by a number of times (especially if they are carrying a large sack/purse or backpack)
  • Workers who seem to be paying more attention to people coming and going than they are to their work

School is back in session. This means it is again time for the people waiting at the bus stop: both the young people sitting and standing at the curb waiting for the bus, as well as parents parked near the stop. Please use extreme care with your speed and be sure to pay attention when driving.

The Assessment payment to PGA POA was due July 1st. If you are reading this and have not yet paid the annual assessment, your account is past due and interest has been posted. The POA Board makes every attempt to work with owners who are having financial difficulties so if you cannot pay the assessment in one installment please call me to work out details.

Storms: Don’t forget that September is the peak of “H” Season…sorry we can’t use the “H” word but it means big winds, rain and damage. This website has a lot of helpful information on how to prepare before, during and after a storm. Don’t wait until everyone has purchased all the batteries, water, and other necessary supplies – buy them now.

Speaking of storms, I would say that for several years we “enjoyed” a drought but that would not be accurate as we didn’t enjoy the water restrictions and people and animals suffering from the heat without any relief from rain. We are, however, back into the usual pattern of afternoon thunderstorms. Many owners have discovered their roof needs to be replaced (don’t forget to get POA ARC approval first!).

You have probably also discovered that when the rain comes down hard and fast, the storm drains can’t keep up. This doesn’t mean the pumps aren’t working or they aren’t on; instead, one of the problems is the leaves and debris covering the metal storm grates. In mid-August, I was out in the rain (along with security personnel) clearing those storm drains along the main roads and inside many communities. Each owner should keep any drains near or on their property cleared. It is amazing to watch the suction on the water going down the drain once the debris is moved yet I still get calls to “do something” (like I control the weather?) when we get heavy rains. If you would be so kind as to help spread the word to your neighbors and management companies to keep the leaves and debris cleared off the top of the drain covers, it would help considerably (and I thank you!)

Actually, two fun things. The Special Events Committee is trying to organize a “Concert in the Park” in Masters Park sometime between January and March. We don’t have details yet but “stay tuned”.

The Special Events Committee is also accepting applications for the 7th Annual Arts & Crafts Festival in Masters Park. If you, or anyone you know, is an artist or crafter, put them in contact with the POA office or look here on the website for information about the event. It is a one day festival on Saturday, December 8th from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm and even if you don’t know anyone who can participate, you should mark your calendar! In addition to food, music and a fun day, it’s a great place to pick up one of a kind unique gifts for yourself or others!

Property Manager’s Report – March 2012

What’s that road?
Palm Beach County will soon begin construction on Jog Road south of the PGA National Northlake Blvd gates. Directly opposite Ryder Cup at Northlake is where the Jog Road tie-in to the Turnpike will be constructed. In summary, the road will connect Northlake Blvd to Bee Line Highway at the Turnpike entry on Bee Line. A copy of the plans can be viewed in the POA office lobby.

Rumors of Tenants at the Plaza
The LA Fitness Plaza (fka Shoppes on the Green) should have some new tenants soon. There are a lot of rumors going around but the landlord has reported that they are finalizing negotiations with the Brooklyn Water Bagel and Pizza shop (yep, Brooklyn Bagel will be serving Pizza too!). They are planning to occupy the former Mama Leone’s space at the mid/north section of the plaza.

There is a second tenant finalizing the lease for the former Walgreen’s space. It will be a specialty food store that some of you may know: Tunies Natural Grocery. They have vitamins, supplements and natural foods.

Children’s Party
Next month the POA will hold the 26th Annual Children’s Party in the Park. As always it will be in Masters Park. This year the POA will be charging $5 per food pass (instead of the previous $1).

The POA Special Events Committee established the $1.00 charge to not only slightly offset costs, but to also prevent people from inviting their whole school at the PGA residents’ expense. Over the past few years the POA has seen an increase again in residents using the event to fund their personal parties and have had friends and neighbors buy food passes for them so they can get 30 or more passes. This event is limited to residents of PGA and their family members so the Committee was faced with either canceling the event due to the cost or they could raise the price of the food passes to actually defray some of the expense. The event is a huge success so the committee chose the latter option of raising the food ticket prices. It is still a VERY reasonable amount for a full day of fun.

As a reminder, residents may attend the event free of charge and have snowcones, cotton candy and other snacks without buying a food pass. If you want a hotdog or hamburger and a soda the tickets will be $5.00 each with a maximum of ten tickets.

Speaking of keeping costs down, I can hardly believe that in just 3 months it will again be time for the annual assessments to be mailed. Your POA assessment is mailed June 1st and payment is due by July 1st. Because of the number of homes in foreclosure it is more important than ever for residents to pay the assessment on time. The POA is a not-for-profit corporation so there is no stash of cash available. The assessment covers the operating expenses and your assessment needs to be paid so the POA can pay their bills. As with all notices, the POA reminds owners who cannot pay on time to contact the POA office – don’t just ignore the bill.

Honda Classic
To all of you who cleaned up your property for the cameras and guests in PGA: THANK YOU!

Property Manager’s Report – January 2012

Meeting:   We are starting the year with the upcoming annual meeting. If you haven’t mailed your ballot (or dropped it off at the POA office) you have until January 12th to do so. More importantly, COME TO THE MEETING! The Annual meeting is the “membership meeting” where residents get to address the board with questions/concerns about the POA. Unfortunately, the POA can’t address issues you may be having with your HOA but we will do what we can to help if it is within our ability to do so.

Sign in starts at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, January 12 in the Masters Ballroom. In addition to City and County speakers, the Honda Classic has again graciously agreed to provide passes to the upcoming Honda Classic. The drawing is FREE but you must be present to win and, of course, the drawing is at the end of the meeting so we can make sure you stay for the presentations from city and county officials. They take time from their very busy schedules to meet with all of you so please plan to attend the meeting for an hour or so. Who knows you might find out something interesting (or win a pass to Honda Classic!).

Entries:   We are also starting the New Year with a face lift. The main entry at Avenue of the Champions has received its new stone face and as of this writing, we are waiting for the new lettering to be installed. Each of the other entries (i.e. each end of Ryder Cup Blvd) will have the same treatment within the next year or so.

Lakes:   Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District engaged a new aquatic maintenance company as of October 1st and we are now starting to see some improvement to the conditions of the lakes, canals and marshes. Many residents complain that there is so much “stuff” growing in the “lake” that they can’t see the water. Most of the “stuff” is aquatic plants that were intentionally placed there for the health of the waterways. It is a specific “ecosystem” and the plants are needed for the water to filter out the “bad stuff” and provide a habitat for fish and other organisms that ‘eat’ the things we don’t want like algae. Most of the “lakes” with all the plants are actually marshes. All of this will be addressed by NPBCID at the annual meeting (see: another reason to attend).

IT’S TOO LATE:   If you still have ANY type of hurricane shutters installed you are well past the deadline for removal and in danger of being fined. Please remove/open all storm protection devices.

Although we are presently out of “storm season” I mention the following because of a recent article in a local newspaper about leaving hurricane shutters closed and whether shutters should be left installed/closed all year.

Some owners feel that it offers “safety” when the reverse is usually the case. If you have storm shutters installed and there is a fire in the house, you have effectively sealed yourself inside. I spoke with an owner who said “yes, but I can always get out the front door or the sliding glass door, the shutters are only on my bedroom window”. The funny thing about electrical fires (as an example) is that they can start anywhere. Who is to say that a fire won’t start in the bedroom blocking the only exit? Why chance it? Also, I feel that closing all your storm shutters for weeks and weeks announces that you are out-of-town and may invite burglary. The “bad guys” see this and enter via one of the back/side shuttered areas and now they can turn on lights and take their time because no one can see them inside the house.

All of this is offered for your information. The POA rules allow certain types of hurricane protection to be installed thru the hurricane season (but not all year). You may NOT install fabric panels, plywood, bare (unfinished) panels and the like unless a hurricane warning has been issued.

As we start the New Year, why not go back to the things we learned when we were in kindergarten: 1) always say please and thank you; 2) treat others as you would like to be treated; 3) you get better results when you are pleasant so always smile ….smiles are contagious and they disarm anger.

Property Manager’s Report – December 2011

Hello everyone! I know Diane missed me, did anyone else? Well, like a houseguest who has outworn their welcome….I’m still here.

It has been a busy couple months at the POA and I apologize for not getting my article in for the past two months. We have new staff at the POA and for those who haven’t stopped by or called lately, our new Receptionist/Lease and Sales Administrator is Samantha (“Sam”); the new Administrative Assistant is Sarah; and the new ARC/Compliance Administrator is Kimberley. I think we have a good team and they are learning quickly. I hope you well make them feel welcome.

FACELIFT – no, not me (or I wouldn’t look this bad….I would have gone for the liposuction too). I’m referring to the entry monuments. The long-awaited resurfacing of the entry signs at the main (Ave of the Champions) entry is almost complete. The POA created a “Capital Improvements” line item in the budget and this is the first of the projects to be completed in that line item. Over the next couple years the signs at each end of Ryder Cup Blvd will also be re-faced to match the main entry. So far the comments have been positive and I can’t wait for all three entries to be done.

ANNUAL MEETING – In this issue you will find a “meet the candidates” article containing the biographies for each of the seven PGA POA Board of Governors candidates. The annual meeting will be held January 12th at the Masters Ballroom of the PGA Resort. Whether you plan to attend in person or not, it is important that you submit your voting certificate and ballot to elect five individuals.

The meeting notices will be mailed December 9th so watch your mail and get your ballot in as soon as possible. The POA has a nine member board and each year, the membership elects either four or five candidates. This year there are five board members whose terms are expiring (Mike Engelsher, Jack Hughes, Ralph Infanti, Don Paulus and Phil Slifka). Phil Slifka will not be running again so in addition to the incumbents, the ballot also includes Art Garbarino, Bob Schneider and Karen Warshaw for a total of seven candidates. The five elected at this meeting will serve with Herb Andrew, Bob Brown, Bob Hodgson and Jeanne Larsen making your nine-member board. While the POA staff handles the day-to-day affairs, we work at the pleasure of the board. Staff cannot approve anything nor can we make decisions so it is important that you consider the candidates carefully and elect those who will serve the interests of all owners. You’ve done a great job so far!

Hurricane Shutters: If you are reading this with a lamp on because your storm shutters are making it dark in your house, you are now in violation of the POA Rules. All hurricane protection was to be removed by November 30th.

Pets: I regularly get calls asking if the POA can install (more) signs to remind owners to clean up after their pets. Really? Do you think a sign will do it? If so I’ll pay for a billboard since I’m the one who usually wears the “gifts” left by those animals. It isn’t the animals’ fault; it is the owner. I have to be a big believer in Karma and one day it will be their shoes (or worse, their grandchild) who trips and falls in it…eeeeeww!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I am sending all of you the very best from the POA’s Lang staff and wishing you and your families a happy and healthy New Year.

Property Manager’s Report – September 2011

The annual meeting of PGA POA will be held JANUARY 12, 2012 at 6:00 p.m. in the Masters Ballroom at the PGA Resort. The board is LOOKING FOR CANDIDATES TO RUN FOR ELECTION. If you have served on other boards or have expertise you can offer, please call me at 627-2800 or send a brief note to PGA POA so the Nominating Committee can contact you for an interview. Five individuals will be elected to the nine member Board of Governors for a two year term.

I’m starting right off nagging you: slow down, slow down, slow down. The kids all back in school and buses are running. Please use extra care and drive carefully.

Hope you read my article last month and secured outside items because we barely missed Irene. She isn’t my cousin – she was that storm (you know, the dreaded “H” word). Looks like perhaps the forecasters may be correct and it just might be an active season! If you have any questions about preparing before, during or after a storm, just go to and we have lots of info on the website.

Paving: I am happy to report that the long awaited paving of General Drive is now complete. Thank you again for your patience …. Especially those in Windermere and Villa D’Este who had no other road to get in or out of their community!

Sidewalk: Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District finished paving Tournament Blvd at the end of August and they are getting ready to “tie in” the sidewalk at the north end of Ryder Cup Blvd. If you walk or bicycle, you probably know that the sidewalk on Ryder Cup Blvd doesn’t connect to the PGA Blvd sidewalk making it a necessity to walk into the roadway. Sometime over the next couple of months this too will be corrected and the sidewalk will be continuous.

Signs: The main entry monument signs (at Ave of the Champions) are getting their “face lift” soon. These signs ended up below the grade of PGA Blvd once that road was widened so we will be elevating the walls slightly and changing the lighting on the sign face. The walls themselves will be finished with the same “ledge stone” used at the PGA Resort. Eventually all the entry signs (ie: the one at each end of Ryder Cup Blvd) will receive the same treatment which should only help PGA’s property values!

PGA National had its first demolition. The home in Marlwood that was partially constructed was torn down and will be re-built. The POA ARC was expecting to see “demo jobs” soon just because the community is getting close to 30 years old. Fortunately, most owners have maintained their homes and have updated the appearance so it isn’t necessary.

With that thought, I just wanted to remind everyone that all changes to the exterior of your home/property requires the prior written approval of the POA ARC (Architectural Review Committee). The By-Laws go into detail with “including but not limited to” examples that include everything from roofing and painting to installing potted plants, small statues, etc. In a word ANYTHING on the outside of your home that is changed, added or modified in any way needs approval. The POA actually has the right to go into your lot and remove any unauthorized modification at the owners expense so it really is easier to just do it the right way. JoAnn O’Mara at the POA office (627-2800) can answer questions about making application.

One final reminder: on December 10th the POA Special Events Committee will hold the 6th Annual Art Festival and Craft Fair in Masters Park. Are you a sneaky sculpture artist, a paranoid painter, a closet crafter? Come out of your shell and join us to sell your creations! Get together with someone else and buy a canopy (Wal-Mart, Target, etc) for $80, pay the $60 participation fee, submit your application and make some holiday money! Who knows – you might just get discovered!

If I can’t get you to participate at least mark the date and come enjoy all the beautiful items at PGA’s own Arts & Crafts Festival….it just keeps getting better and better! More info is available on this website.

Property Manager’s Report – August 2011

One request and only two things to talk about this month and they are both weather related

If you see something damaged in the POA Common areas (outside your specific community) call the POA to report it. If it is inside your community call your HOA/Condo management company…..don’t assume someone else has reported it: The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.


We are finally experiencing regular rainfall. All of the lakes and canals are connected and in the western part of the community are three major pumps and two secondary pumps that carry the water west and south out of PGA National.

This system is computer controlled and Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District oversees the functions of this equipment with personnel who are on call 24 hours per day. When the lakes reach “control” which the depth that NBPCID and South Florida Water Management have set for the highest point, the pumps automatically pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water out of the lakes. It is truly amazing to see but if it has been raining hard for a while and you are a resident who lives further west (such as Villa d’Este, Burwick, etc), it may seem like the water is getting awfully close to your house and “nothing is happening”. I assure you it is happening.

Approximately ten years ago, we experienced approximately 30” of rain in a 24 hour period and although some owners had lake water within feet of their home, no one reported any water inside so the pumps DO work. Please be patient.

Since I can’t use the “H-word” I’m going to simply refer to it as a storm. Well, a really bad storm with lots of wind, rain and damage known as the dreaded “H”. Next month begins the most likely month for a storm. I know this because my birthday is in early September and I grew up in Miami, Florida. This means that every single year until I was old enough not to have parties (is there such a thing?) my birthday party was cancelled due to Betsy, Cleo, Donna…..ooops I’m telling you I’m OLD!

I’ve always said that I would rather live in Florida and deal with this type of storm and have days (sometimes weeks) to prepare, rather than live somewhere there are earthquakes or tornadoes that literally appear out of nowhere. In Florida, we know that the most likely time for a problem is June 1 – November 30 with late August through the end of October being the most active period during “storm” season.

PGA National allows owners with accordion shutters or clear panels to secure their home for the entire season (although I personally feel this also announces to the “bad guys” that you’re away). Metal panels, plywood and other types of shutters can only be installed at the issuance of a Warning (Not a Watch but a Warning). When Jeannie and Frances blew through the community a few years ago, the City of Palm Beach Gardens was nothing less than wonderful in their assistance in working with FEMA to get debris cleared quickly.

If you haven’t already made plans to have someone secure your home at the issuance of a severe storm warning, you should make those arrangements NOW. When the previous storms came through I was one of the last to leave the community as the storm was making landfall just south of us. Literally as I was walking out the door a resident called from “up north” asking if I had anyone who could go into his garage and put the storm panels up! Needless to say, it was way too late for that but I did get his address in PGA and his phone in Connecticut so I could report what happened after the storm passed (he was very fortunate and had no broken windows).

Here is the bottom line: clear branches and debris, potted plants and other accessories from around your home NOW. If you are not a full time resident, any accessory items and patio furniture should be stored inside so you don’t have a mad scramble to make someone else take care of your home when their own may need attention. If you live in a community where the association doesn’t trim the trees (such as Marlwood, Burwick, Glengary, Thurston, Preston, The Island, etc) hire a licensed arborist to trim your trees and “open up” the branches. This will (hopefully) allow wind to pass through the canopy instead of toppling the whole tree. “Hat-Racking” which is the process of removing all leaves and leaving only branches with a hat rack appearance is strictly forbidden by both PGA and the City of Palm Beach Gardens. Owners who ‘hat rack” tress could be subject to fines. This process actually results in a weakened tree structure so don’t do it!

As far as preparing your home, please look elsewhere here at to find information about preparation before, during and after a storm. Wishing you a safe and happy summer!