Security Director’s Report – November 2017

The holiday season is upon us again. I would like to welcome home our returning residents. As many of you make preparations to visit friends and family this season, I would like to offer a few safety tips.

It is a good idea to put a stop or hold on newspaper deliveries. A driveway with several newspapers in it is a great indication to those with criminal intent that no one is home. By doing this you reduce your chance of becoming a victim of a crime. As a good neighbor, if you see a home in your community with several newspapers in the driveway, contact security and we will come out and move the papers to a less obvious location.

As your security provider we offer a “Property Check” form that can be obtained and returned at any gatehouse. You may also submit a “Property Check” form via the Internet at By completing this form, your home will be checked at least twice a week for any suspicious activity. Also, have the POA Office to update any contact information that may have recently changed.

Holiday driving often means spending several hours behind the wheel. Long journeys can be tiring, and fatigue can be fatal. Get plenty of rest before your journey, and try to drive at times of the day when you are normally awake. If possible, share the driving duties.

As a reminder, whenever you leave your home – no matter for how long – always lock your doors and set your alarm. Being a proactive community will make the most significant difference. The smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of the solution. The strides we make as your security provider are based on your involvement in safety awareness as a community. Remember never hesitate to call security. Report any suspicious persons and activity to security at 627-1600.

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