Security Director’s Report – July 2017

I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday as much as I did. Enjoying family and friends is truly therapeutic. Speaking of family and friends, for those of you that have travel plans.
You may or may not know that TSA has a precheck program that you can utilize to expedite your check-in process and shorten your wait time at the airport. Participating in the precheck program you will not need to remove your shoes, belts, light jackets, or other travel related items. For more information visit and apply. Also, make sure your travel plans include a submitted “Property Check” form so that security can check your residence while you are away.

On another note, we are in hurricane season which does not end until December 1 st. Making early preparations is a key component to being ready for any impending storm. Early preparedness also increases your piece of mind during a storm. While stocking up on water, food, and other storm supplies agencies like the National Hurricane Center, Solid Waste Authority or websites like offer additional safety information and tips. The more information you have, the more prepared you will be.

As your security provider, we are always ready to lend a hand. Together we can make a difference, never hesitate to call security at 561-627- 1600. Report all suspicious people and activities because the smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of the solution. Keep your garage door close when not in use and set your alarm when you leave your home.

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