Security Director’s Report – August 2017

In continuing with our service commitment, I would like to take a moment of your time and offer some safety tips. As you all know there have been a lot of technological advancements and improvements in just about every aspect of our day-to-day lives. There are self-driving vehicles, advanced coffee makers, and smartphones. What would we ever do without our smartphones, lol? These and other advancements have forever changed our lives.

Unfortunately, as we learn to become acclimated with the advancements in technology, so have those with criminal intent. The auto industry is amongst the leaders in technology improvements. The days in which a criminal would break into a car, rub two wires together and steal the vehicle are over. Criminals know that the majority, if not all new push-to-start vehicles come equipped with what is known as the “key fob” that is needed to start the vehicle. When searching for their next vehicle to steal or burglarize, criminals use their knowledge of the key fob to assist with the commission of their crime.

Those with criminal intent know that if a vehicle has the key fob left inside it, the sideview mirrors are facing out in the normal position which is a possible indication that the doors are unlocked. Now your vehicle has become the next target. When the sideview mirrors are closed inward, criminals view this as a secured vehicle without the key fob inside it and move on. Another sign that criminals look for as indication that your key fob is inside your vehicle is whether your alarm light is blinking. A blinking light indicates your vehicle is secured and a non-blinking light is viewed as an unsecured vehicle. Law enforcements agencies have seen a rise in stolen vehicles because of the key fob being left inside the vehicle.

Best case practice is to never leave your key fob inside your vehicle, always secure your vehicle, and never leave valuables in plain sight. Together we can make a difference, never hesitate to call security at (561) 627-1600. Report all suspicious people and activities because the smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of the solution. Keep your garage door close when not in use and set your alarm when you leave your home.

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