Security Director’s Report – April 2017

As many of you prepare to head back up north for the summer or make other travel plans remember, security is here to assist you with having the piece of mind while you are away. You can pick up and drop off a “Property Check” form at any gate house or fill out a “Property Check” form online at . Security will routinely check your residence while you are away.

Also, cease newspaper deliveries or any other deliveries while you are away. A pile of old newspapers in a driveway or multiple boxes by the door are great indicators of a vacant home and the next potential target for a burglar. Whenever you leave your home – no matter for how long – always lock your doors and set your alarm.

As your security provider, we are always ready to lend a hand. Together we can make a difference, never hesitate to call security at 561-627-1600. Report all suspicious people and activities because the smallest piece of information may be the biggest part of the solution.

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