Property Managers Report – September 2017

I admit that I was caught unaware that school started until I saw the crossing guards when I drove to work. It seems like summer just started! You know this means I will be nagging you again about driving carefully and slowing down. There are a number of bus stops so parents waiting to pick up or drop off kids should also use care not to obstruct traffic.

The number of people I see holding their phone – or looking at it instead of the road – is truly terrifying. The Palm Beach Gardens Police are in PGA at the Board’s and resident’s request. We appreciate their help with keeping our active residents safe on the streets. The speed limit at each end of Ryder Cup and on Tournament and Ave of the Champions is 25mph because of the number of blind intersections, cart and pedestrian crossing, and curves. Please obey the speed limit (and wear your seatbelt).

While talking traffic, drivers pulling out of communities must be careful to watch for not only pedestrians but also bicycles. Likewise cyclists should slow to be sure the cars exiting communities see them: especially if approaching from the driver’s blind side (meaning drivers looking left for cars approaching may not notice bicycle coming from their right). Guess that’s why bikes should follow traffic rules and ride on the right side with traffic?

No, not the college mascot, those giant lizard-like reptiles. I have been asked to put yet another reminder in this paper about not feeding the wildlife (and gators). Also, use care when walking, especially where water bodies run along walking areas. If you are walking on the golf course (and you are not golfing) you are breaking the rules but we still don’t want you or your pet eaten! PGA has the wonderful luxury of being surrounded by golf courses and preserve areas but this also means an abundance of wildlife. Just use caution and don’t feed the wildlife, please.

It is almost time for the annual meeting and election for PGA POA. If you have served on a HOA or Condo Board and you are interested in submitting your name as a candidate, please drop me a note (at PGA POA, 7100 Fairway Drive #29, PB Gardens, FL 33418) and I will be sure the Nominating Committee receives it.

Wishing all of you a happy and safe summer!

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