Property Managers Report – September 2015

It is almost that time again …..The POA annual meeting is only a few months away and the search for candidates is on. If you are interested in serving on the POA Board of Governors, please send a letter with your contact information and qualifications to my attention at the POA Office (7100 Fairway Dr #29, PB Gardens, FL 33418)

Every year I hear from qualified residents who say, “I don’t want to run against any of the current board members, they are always re-elected” or “The Resort dictates who is elected”. Be careful because that’s how Pinocchio’s nose got so long; neither statement is true. First, there have been several instances where a current board member is not re-elected and second, there are 4,895 residential votes possible (if owners will simply send in their ballot) and the Resort and Members Club (combined) only get 161 votes.

Sometimes the current board members agree to run for re-election because it is almost impossible for find candidates so you should submit your application. If your answer is “I don’t have time”, consider that the Board only meets once per month and unless you serve on the ARC, or Maintenance Committee (ie the two busiest committees) your time investment will be minimal.

The Board is made up of nine members who serve a two year term. At this year’s election, five individuals will be elected so if you are willing to continue the Board’s objectives of improving the community without financial impact, please drop me a letter. I will pass it along to the Nominating Committee.

For the past several years, the POA has worked to find gate arms with built in lighting that are long enough to accommodate width of the exit lanes. I’ve said it before: nothing is ever easy! I am happy to report that new gate arms have been located and by the time you read this, they should be installed at all POA gates. The arm shows red when closed and turns to green when open. This is important for the exit lanes so the red lights can be easily seen when approaching. Now, how about a party to celebrate getting rid of those tube lights that have been ‘cable tied’ to the gate arms? I hope you like the new gate arms. Thank you for your patience during the long search for same.

The POA Long Range Planning Committee has accomplished a number of objectives that started in 2000 with then President Phil Lyddon and the Committee began developing Masters Park. (Do you remember when it was an overgrown vacant lot?). Other projects since then included replacement of all playground equipment in Marlwood and Burwick Parks; replacement of directional signs; irrigation installation long the main road rights of way; re-roofing all POA Guardhouses and re-finishing the exteriors in stone and installing impact glass windows/doors; re-facing all of the entry monuments and re-landscaping the main entry; landscape enhancements along PGA Blvd and the traffic circle; implementing a community TV channel (that has since been disconnected); and re-landscaping the Northlake Blvd entry. Of course the Northlake entry and completion of the re-facing of guardhouses is still in progress but the point is that the Board has accomplished an awful lot of objectives with minimal budget impact. I think the next area to be addressed will be the main entry corridor and traffic circle but we’ll see what the Committee comes up with. There is always room for improvement.

When I came to PGA (17 years ago) the budget was just under $500.00 per year. Since that time, the annual assessment has only gone up a total of $200.00 per year despite the economy and ever-increasing maintenance costs. The only special assessment was for $70.00 per lot as a one-time expense to install the exit gates and bar code system when the POA went to limited access control. Even when Jeannie and Francis huffed and puffed, they couldn’t blow down PGA and there were no assessments imposed for cleanup (with appreciation to the City, FEMA and your Board).

The Long Range Planning Committee and Board of Governors continue to work to improve and “update” the community but I sure wish I had more “before and after” pictures. Evidence that your Board is doing the right thing really showed when the economy took a turn and homes weren’t selling…..except in PGA National. Next time you see a current or former member of the POA Board be sure to thank them and not to beat it into you but feel free to join the Board.

September is the big storm month so if you don’t already have your supplies get started. Things like batteries and water are always first to go. For information on what to do before, during and after a storm, please look around on this website – there is a lot of interesting and helpful information here.

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