Property Managers Report – October 2017

We are happy to report that the expected Category 4 hurricane was nowhere near that strength by the time PGA National felt its effects. According to the Palm Beach Post, the top wind speed in Palm Beach Gardens was 84 mph with gusts over 90 mph but that was enough to topple and break apart over 500 trees on POA property and along main roads and pull branches down from an additional 425 trees. A number of PGA owners were without electricity for up to 3 days but we know of no structural damage. Those residents in Miami and the Keys and along the west coast should remain in our thoughts and prayers; they took the brunt of the storm.

For those with plywood, metal panels and Fabric Shield on windows and doors, please be aware these items should be removed by now and we respectfully request that you remove this type of window protection ASAP.

The City of Palm Beach Gardens and FEMA worked hard to pick up debris inside the communities. It took a little longer in the POA Common areas but we appreciate your patience during the cleanup.  We truly appreciate the residents and the HOA/Condo Associations promptly cleaning everything up so quickly in the neighborhoods!

PGA security, with sincere appreciation to Keith Echols, Security Director and the on-site team who stayed during the hurricane, started immediately clearing streets and storm drains as soon as the “all clear” was given. PGA Golf Maintenance, Resort Security and NPBCID were all pitching in to ensure that the roads were not flooded and emergency personnel could get though – Great Job Everyone! Annco Maintenance personnel and Bartlett Tree Service have been cleaning up all POA common areas and roadways. PGA National covers 2,340 acres so it is no small undertaking. As of the writing of this article, we anticipate it will take 30 days to fully restore order so it looks like there was never a storm and we can resume our regular prune and mow schedule. 

I think we were very fortunate and hope we don’t have to go through this again.  Thank you to everyone who prepared in advance then immediately cleaned up yards and communities.  Mother Nature will regenerate the landscape; I’m happy it is only landscape that was destroyed. Thanks again everyone!

Being human, we tend to be reactive instead of proactive and many owners will realize they need to install hurricane shutters (or change panels to something easier to install/close); generators will be a popular item; and roofs may need replacement. Certainly landscape will need restoration!

Please remember that any and all exterior changes require prior written approval from the POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”). If you lost a tree during the storm, you can of course remove it but you must still get approval. The ARC application form is available here. The process is easier than it sounds and Lori Moody at the POA office is always willing to help.

In summary, we need a photo of the tree (or, if it has been removed, a photo showing where the tree was) and this needs to be submitted with your request for removal. No, the ARC isn’t crazy asking for pictures of invisible trees – they need to know whether the tree must be replaced so your request should indicate whether or not you want to replace the tree and, if so, advise what species/size you would like to use. The POA Design Review Manual requires a certain number of trees on each lot. The idea is to buffer architecture so the photo does serve a purpose. Be sure to take it from far enough away that the ARC can see the area around the tree (ie: we don’t need a close up of a stump please).

The ARC meets on the 3rd Thursday each month and applications must be received a week before the meeting, so be sure to make application in plenty of time to ensure that any conditions for approval can be met. For example, don’t have the shutter company start fabrication of your new accordion shutters before you get approval. The ARC may deny the type of shutter where you want it (eg: accordion shutters on arched windows are not typically permitted).

Again, you can reach Lori Moody at (561) 627-2800 and she can help you with the process.


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