Property Managers Report – November 2017

Welcome Home to our returning residents! You missed the storm and we were hoping you wouldn’t even be able to tell there was tree/landscape damage. We regret that we don’t quite have everything fully restored. The last of the cleanup will include removal of the tree stumps and tree replacements. We appreciate everyone’s patience with the restoration process.

More Projects.
The Northlake Blvd wall will be painted next month. Holiday lights are being installed and Santa/reindeer who have flown over the PGA logo for over 30 years will be flying with new reindeer. All part of the “freshening up” work the Board continuously undertakes.

The Long Range Planning Committee has their tasks for the next few years which will include the landscape in a number of areas including the traffic circle (which is not technically a circle but a semi rounded divided highway for those who ask why the right of way is “wrong”). There are also enhancements planned for the PGA Blvd frontage beginning west of Ryder Cup Blvd.

The Board hasn’t forgotten the directional signs. The existing style was approved by the City so it will take some time to go through the process of changing the design (possibly) but in the interim they will get a face lift until the details can be worked out for possible replacement.

Annual Meeting
I’m happy to report that a number of owners expressed interest in serving on the PGA POA Board of Governors. The meeting notice will be mailed in December so it is important for each owner to vote as soon as you receive the Annual Meeting Notice and ballot. Candidate bios will be in this newsletter next month and, of course, sent with the meeting notice and election info.

For Your Safety
My father used to say, “why do I have to keep repeating myself?” I would reply (to myself because I’m not stupid) “I dunno; guess you like to hear yourself talk”.

At the risk of sounding like dad I will repeat what I put in almost every issue: LOCK YOUR DOORS AND SET YOUR ALARM. For the first time PGA is starting to experience break ins by those literally breaking in the front door. Crimes have occurred during the day when lots if workers are around so no one seems to pay attention. Please note that in not one case was the alarm set. Why? Interestingly one break-in was prevented when the alarm panel malfunctioned and made noise causing “the bad guys” to think the alarm was on and they had tripped it so they left before actually entering. Think about it…maybe taking 3 seconds to turn on your alarm will help protect your property? Seems pretty simple to me.

If you see something suspicious call security at 627-1600 or call the police…..and set your alarm. (Really, why do I have to keep repeating myself?)

Happy Thanksgiving
It’s that time of year when the weather should be cooling (please let it be soon!) and we will all be getting into the holiday spirit. Right? That means we are all going to be kind and considerate and calm and patient, right? No more telling other drivers they are “number one” and giving dirty looks to the person in front of you with all those coupons at the grocery store while you are next in line with melting ice cream. Well, let’s do our best; keep smiling anyway!

On behalf of the POA Board and staff: Wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

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