Property Manager’s Report – June 2017

Love should always be first so let’s address that: When spring is in the air (and it was…. I seem to remember a couple cooler days) the critters do what they do. The babies are now starting to get around so certain animals like foxes (who may make their den under your raised deck or in the wooded area by your house) might be more aggressive. Be careful of all wildlife and pay particular attention at dawn and dusk or at night when many of the critters are out. Also, alligator mating season was a little over a month ago so Momma Gator has been protecting her nest and her young ones. Don’t approach any animal and please do not feed ANY wildlife! Doing so is not only against PGA POA Rules but it also causes the animals to lose their fear of humans and causes them to approach by associating humans with food. I promise there is enough food for all the critters without your intervention.

The hate thing is the dreaded Hurricane: This is the last time I will use the “H” word in its full form because Hurricane Season officially begins June 1st. This is the time when you should start preparing by checking your supplies of water, batteries, non-perishable food and other supplies. This POA website has a number of suggestions for preparing your home and family. If you have storm shutters, remember that PGA POA rules only allow clear panels and accordions to be installed/closed for the season. If you will be away during storm season, you should have someone available who can install your hurricane protection for you in your absence and you should make those arrangements now so the person has you on their list of homes to secure. Don’t forget about potted plants, patio furniture and any other decorative items you may have outside. You might think the storm can’t pick up that 50 lb. birdbath…. but you’d be wrong.

The Assessment: The annual assessment (due on July 1st or before) is now $730.00 Please remember that the Board cannot remove interest charges once they start to accrue so please be sure to pay on time.

This is the first increase since 2011. Despite the best efforts of the Board, it was necessary to increase the annual assessment by $30.00 per residential unit. A copy of the operating budget and the footnotes that explain each line item is included with the assessment coupon in the large flat package mailed June 1st. Please note that there is also a “Direct Debit” form if you would like to sign up to have the funds transferred from your bank account.

The Board: With deep regret, I must let you know that the POA President, Bob Hodgson, has resigned from the Board. He was first elected in 2003 and served continuously for the past fourteen years and served as President since 2006. The Board and POA staff will miss his leadership and we wish him the very best. The Board of Governors will appoint someone to fill the vacancy so if you have experience with HOA/Condo boards and you’re interested, please send me a note (before June 20th) and provide your experience and background.

The Hearings Committee: The Committee is looking for volunteers. Per State Statutes, Hearings Committee members cannot be members of the PGA POA Board, nor can they be a spouse of a POA Board member. This committee meets as needed to determine whether to fine owners who continually violate the POA Rules and governing documents. No one likes to impose fines but everyone purchased under deed restrictions that require certain maintenance standards and require all owners to abide by the documents. When an owner fails to do so, the Board may refer the matter to the attorney for action; enter the property and correct the violation; or refer the matter to the Hearings Committee (or any combination of these options). Owners may meet with the Hearings Committee and the Committee and the Committee may then impose fines of $100.00 per day. Per the Statute and POA By-Laws the Board of Governors cannot overrule the Hearings Committee’s decision. If you feel that you are interested and qualified to serve on the POA Hearings Committee, please send me a letter with your contact information and background. The submittal deadline is June 20, 2017.

In addition to homes being “broken into” (and I use quotes because doors aren’t locked and/or alarms aren’t set it) we now seem to have a problem with someone helping themselves to newly planted landscape. The POA has had plants stolen from Burwick Park, Marlwood Park and PGA Blvd. So to the person in the white vehicle with the new bed of Arboricola, SMILE: you are on camera and we may be contacting you with some people in uniform. To everyone else, keep your eyes open for suspicious activity and report it to the police. Minor or non-emergency matters can be reported to PGA Security at 627-1600 or to the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department at 799-4445.

Several people have told me they heard a rumor that I am retiring. Maybe it was hopeful thinking on their part but the answer is no, it’s just another rumor. Besides, I can’t retire – I’m no good at crossword puzzles!


No one really cares if you’re miserable so you might as well be happy.

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