Property Managers Report – February 2018

Yes, I know it is February and I missed last month but I still wanted to wish you health and happiness in the coming year! With the annual meeting and some staffing changes, something had to give last month and it was my article. Thank you to those who called to let me know they missed my article; I’m just happy someone is reading it!

The POA office staff has changed and we now welcome JoAnn Polimeni as the new Administrative Assistant for PGA POA. She will work with Lori Moody (ARC/Compliance Administrator) and Lauren Utting (Leasing and Sales Administrator) and, of course, yours truly. I know you will meet JoAnn; she has been doing a great job and I hope you’ll help us welcome her to the PGA family.

As you know, the PGA POA Annual meeting was January 25th. With appreciation to the Nominating Committee (Tom Sedita, Bob Hodgson and Vicki Miller) it was great to see so many qualified candidates! We bid a fond farewell to Art Garbarino whose health required him to leave the POA Board and to Karen Warshaw who will be moving out of the area. They were both hard working members of the POA Board who spent countless hours working to maintain and improve the PGA National community.

I know you will welcome new PGA POA Board members Keith Ahronheim and Patty Pond who were elected with incumbents Mike Engelsher, Ralph Infanti and Robert Kramer. Sam Boyd, Bob Brown, Jack Hughes and Ginny Luongo will continue to serve the second year of their term. Thank you to everyone who sent their ballot and who attended the annual meeting.

PGA participated in the Palm Beach Gardens Police and Fire Joy Drive for the first time. I’m happy to report that the residents of PGA National were very generous with the donations allowing us to collect some wonderful stuffed bears, games, clothes, accessories, toys, and even a wood “motorcycle” (bicycle) and mini “Big Wheel” tricycles. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks so much for your generous support.

It is with a heavy heart that I share that Mr. Bill Marsico, who served on the Transition Committee and who served several terms after being elected to the first POA Board of Governors passed away in January. When Lang was hired to manage PGA National over twenty years ago, he was part of the dedicated Board who watched us carefully to ensure that we knew what we were doing running the daily affairs of what is the size of a small city. He was at the office every day from the minute we opened until we closed and was instrumental in ensuring that the finances were in order and that the receivables were brought under control. Bill always had a kind word and will be missed by many, many people whose lives he touched.

I will include more information about the “goings on” in PGA National. In addition to The Honda Classic, it will soon be time for the Annual Children’s Party in the Park (in April) and by February construction on the new Pollo Tropical will be underway at the former Burger King site. Until then, I wish you a wonderful month of relaxing days filled with joy …. and cool temperatures!

Most of the residents of PGA National and in fact, most of Palm Beach Gardens, know Joan Elias, or as we all call her, “Joanie”. She has served as the President of C.A.N.! for more than 25 years. For those who aren’t aware, C.A.N.! does more than send out a newsletter. They have been instrumental in getting a number of projects and changes accomplished to improve the PGA National community. Joan also served on the Eagleton Pointe HOA Board and she attended every City Council meeting for over 25 years. She kept the HOA and POA Board as well as the Council of Presidents up to date on what was going on at the City and County and projects that could impact PGA National.

Joan and her husband, Bernie, are truly dedicated to their community. Bernie served on the POA Board of Governors and Chaired the Architectural Review Committee for a number of years. They will soon be moving out of PGA National to be closer to family.

To Joanie: We truly appreciate all your hard work and dedication – We wish you the very best!

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