Property Managers Report – August 2015

It’s August….did you make your payment?
Just a reminder that the annual assessment to PGA POA was due on July 1st and if you haven’t paid yet, interest has been posted to your account. Please contact the POA office (561-627-2800) to find out the balance owed and send your payment right away. Delinquent accounts will soon be referred to collection at which time you will be responsible for all collection fees and costs, as well as the assessment and accruing interest. If there is any reason why you cannot make your payment, please call me at the aforementioned number.

Slow Down
The new flashing speed warning signs have been installed at the south end of Ryder Cup Blvd. The speed limit in this area is 25 mph and the sign will alert you if you are exceeding the speed limit. If you are not aware (and I hope you are or you aren’t paying attention when driving) there is a driveway on the west side of Ryder Cup Blvd for the Preston and Preston Courts community. Because of the road design, drivers leaving these communities have a difficult time seeing cars coming from the north going towards Northlake Blvd. and cars entering PGA from the south ‘racing’ after stopping at the gate. It is very important that drivers on Ryder Cup Blvd obey the posted speed limit sign and watch for cars entering/exiting Preston. I was happy to see cars slowing after the signs were posted; I just hope it lasts so you don’t get a speeding ticket!

The north and south ends of Ryder Cup Blvd; Avenue of the Champions; Tournament Blvd; and the western portion of Avenue of the Masters are all 25 mph roadways. Some feel it is too slow but keep in mind that there a number of children, bicyclists, walkers, joggers, and carts crossing the curving roads. There are also large trees overhanging the streets casting shadows and Sand Hill Cranes (the large gray birds with a red crown) that tend to stand in the street and “blend in”. If you don’t care about any of that, give this a thought: Outside of PGA along other streets, have you ever seen a car cutting in and out of traffic and racing from traffic light to traffic light? Ever noticed how they are always at the same light as you even though you aren’t speeding along? So maybe doing the speed limit in PGA will get you there just as fast and help keep you (and others) safe.

Hello? Can you hear me?
That’s what many people say when they use their cell phone in the northwest area of PGA National. I had a visit from a representative of FPL and he had some good news: At the FPL station on the north side of PGA Blvd, west of Mirasol, there is a cell phone tower. AT&T and Verizon will be added to the tower. This should improve cell phone reception, particularly in Marlwood where there has always been a reception problem. I’ve been here for 17 years (can you believe it?) and over that time I’ve received calls from residents saying Verizon told them the POA won’t allow them to put in a tower in PGA National. Interestingly enough, no one from Verizon has ever contacted the POA office about installing a tower (we are used to being blamed) but we were happy to hear the problem will soon be solved.

Critter Corner
We have lots of wildlife in PGA thanks to four golf courses and a wilderness preserve with plenty of places for the animals to enjoy life in a beautiful community. They do their best to stay away from people but sometimes we try to “help” by leaving food out. Don’t do it! Aside from the fact that the POA rules prohibit feeding any wildlife, including birds, by feeding animals, you draw them to the area. I had a resident tell me “it is just bird seed!”. Well, that’s true and sometimes the sunflower seeds have little worms in them. The opossum and armadillo like to dig little holes and eat grubs. In addition, whatever seeds the birds don’t eat, the rats will enjoy and larger animals go after the rats (not to mention, the rats can get into homes). The leftover seeds sometimes sprout and the bunnies like to munch on those tender shoots. You say that’s ok because bunnies are cute …. but foxes love bunnies (nope, they don’t snuggle with them, sorry). We can go on up the food chain but I’m hoping you stopped at the attraction to rats and the fact that once invited, may just come inside. Nature is an efficient machine all on its own – please don’t feed the animals and please keep YOUR pets inside or on a leash or in a fenced yard.

Some of you may have heard the reports of Coyote being spotted (and later captured) in Boca Raton. Of course we started getting calls that residents may have seen one in PGA National right after the news report but to date, the rumors are unsubstantiated. We do have foxes (the only larger animals verified in PGA). Leave them alone and they should leave you alone. If the animal is aggressive, you should call animal control or just call PGA security.

Bar Code Stickers
If your barcode isn’t opening the gate, it is probably a result of one of these things: 1) you are a renter with an expired lease; 2) you had a temporary tag that expired and you didn’t notify the POA of the new license plate number; or 3) your barcode decal is old and/or damaged.

If the sticker looks gray and black (instead of black and white) or if there are scratches or tears on the decal, it is time for a replacement. Just stop by the POA office with the vehicle registration and $5.00 (and the car, of course) and we will have you in and out in minutes.

Please do not pull barcodes off and re-stick them on new cars (or other cars). They are designed to tear but even if you successfully transfer the barcode, it won’t work (or not for long). As indicated above, it only takes a couple minutes to get a new barcode so please help us keep our database accurate and get a new barcode. Likewise, let us know if you get a different license plate so we can update the records.

A point on the weather and barcodes: We are in the regular afternoon rain cycle. It’s good for the plants and grass but doesn’t allow us to attach barcodes. Please don’t shout at the staff when we can’t attach a barcode immediately following rains. We don’t mind getting wet, but the glue on the barcodes does not like any dampness. If there is any moisture at all, the decal just slides off. To answer your next question, no, we can’t just give it to you. We are hopeful that someday we will have 24 hour access control so it is important the database is accurate. If we don’t attach the decal we have no way of knowing whether it was put on the registered car or to a friend, relative, housekeeper, etc. (Yes, it does happen!) Also, if the device isn’t attached exactly right the scanner won’t read it.

Speaking of weather
Just a final note: Although the “H” (storm) season started a couple months ago, September is the month that most storms decide to blow in and do serious damage. We have been lucky lately but that is no reason to let your guard down. Be sure you have water, batteries, canned foods, etc. stocked up. Here on the POA website there are some helpful articles on storm preparation and area shelters.

Hope you have a happy August and a storm-free September!

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