Police Foundation: 10th Annual Community Safety Campaign

For twelve months, 365 days each year, 24 hours each a day, we rely on our Palm Beach Gardens Police men and women to keep our family safe. Once each year the Police Foundation asks for your support to help ensure that those who dedicate their lives to keeping us safe have the Equipment, Training and Technology they need to protect us and themselves.

Over 90% of our tax dollars go to funding salaries, benefits, and ongoing expenses such as uniforms, vehicles, fuel and maintenance, leaving a small percentage for new developments in modern day policing techniques. The Foundation’s mission therefore is to ensure that our police officers have the latest and most up-to-date technologies, learn the newest tactics and are better trained than the criminals, and are provided with the most modern equipment to keep themselves and us safe. Their needs come at a much more rapid pace than government budgeting processes can handle.

For the last 10 years, with the generous support of community folks like you, we have been able to ensure that our Palm Beach Gardens Police Department is the finest police agency in South Florida and that our crime rate continues to be low. But crime-fighting is an ongoing battle that requires ongoing community support. The Foundation is working hard to earn your trust and financial support… in order to help keep Palm Beach Gardens safe!

The Foundation also provides funding for local youth and outreach programs that teach public safety, crime prevention, the rule of law, and help combat increasingly dangerous problems like opioid addiction and substance abuse. Youth programs such as the Palm Beach Gardens Police Explorers are aimed at helping our next generation to build individual character, learns leadership skills, and good citizenship.

To keep Palm Beach Gardens a safe place for us all to live, learn, work and enjoy life, the Foundation asks for your support as it begins its 2017 annual campaign. Over 85% of the funds raised each year go directly as grants to support the Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and the reminder to our ongoing fundraising efforts. Your Police Foundation Board of Directors give voluntarily of their time and are not compensated in any way.

We appreciate your interest in the Palm Beach Gardens Police Foundation, our Palm Beach Gardens Police Department and our local community. To learn more about our non-profit organization, fundraising events, and educational programs, please contact us or visit our website at www.pbgpf.org

When this year’s mail appeal arrives in your mailbox, please think safety and give generously. Every dime you donate helps our heroic men and women in blue get the equipment, training, technology and outreach programs they need to fight crime and to keep us safe.


Remember, It takes a community effort to keep us safe.


The author, Tom Murphy, was elected president and CEO of the Palm Beach Gardens Police Foundation, Inc. in 2007. Before helping to form the Foundation, he was a marketing executive with the IBM Corporation and earlier, a member of the Nassau County (NY) Police Department. Tom is a resident of PGA National.

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