There are three parks for the use of PGA National residents:

Masters Park is a beautiful eight acre park on the corner of Avenue of the Masters at Ryder Cup Blvd.  There is a crushed limerock jogging path with fitness stations so you can stay in shape.  If you get tired, take a break on one of the benches along the path   that winds through beautiful ‘theme’ gardens.  The gardens include a Butterfly Garden where butterfly-attracting plants bloom to entice our fluttering friends; a Native Garden where Florida-Native plants thrive; a Sensory Garden where your sense of sight, smell and touch will result in enjoyment of the wonderful scents from Allspice trees, the sound of the wind blowing through decorative grasses and the feel of fuzzy-leafed plants encourage you to reach out.  There is also a Fruit Tree Garden where you can pick Carambola (‘star fruit’); oranges, tangerines, key lime, mangos, lychee nuts and other delicious fruit; the Perennial Garden with flowering perennial plants; the Desert Garden with all varieties of cactus and other succulent plants;  the Moon Garden where white-flowering plants glow under the moonlight; and the Tropical Garden where you will find a 16 ft Gazebo surrounded by palms and other tropical plants….it is a beautiful sanctuary where you can relax!

Burwick Park is located on the corner of Tournament Blvd at Medalist (at the stop sign on Tournament).   Adjacent to the parking lot you will find newspaper vending machines where you can get the morning paper then stroll to the gazebo to read while you relax in the shade.  Wile strolling to the gazebo, you will pass a fun-tastic playground for kids of all ages.  The playground equipment is divided so the younger ones can climb and slide on the smaller slides and at the opposite end, you’ll find a tall slide with a tube cover, a ‘rock’ climbing wall and a glider to hang from while you glide to the opposite end. Spring animals and a motorcycle on a spring allow the little ones to bounce and rock while their parents rest on the nearby bench.  There are also bucket type swings for toddlers and sling-type swings for older children (and adults who are kids at heart!)

Marlwood Park is about half way between Northlake Blvd and PGA Blvd on the west side of Ryder Cup Blvd. next to the Townhomes of Marlwood community.  It too has a wonderful playground with the same type of equipment but in addition, there is a half-court basket ball court.  The gazebo in Marlwood Park is along the western perimeter and abuts the wilderness preserve.  On any early morning, you will see Sand Hill Cranes, Snowy Egret, Blue Heron and other wildlife and if you are especially lucky you might even see an alligator!!

The City of Palm Beach Gardens has a park just outside the Northlake Blvd gate.  A parking lot for PGA National residents can be accessed from Ryder Cup Blvd (just inside PGA’s gate).  The City park (known as PGA Park) has a handicap accessible playground, softball, football and soccer fields, basketball courts, and a “vita course” (exercise stations along a jogging path).