The Board of Governors has formed numerous committees to deal with issues related to the association. Those committees are as follows:

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This Committee consists of both POA Board members and property owners, as well as one paid consultant. David Porter, a licensed architect, has served as a consultant for over ten years and, in addition to his professional input, he has an interest in the property values since he is a resident of PGA National.

The Committee meets on the third Thursday of each month at8:30 a.m.  The meetings typically last approximately one to two hours.  The Governing Documents require approval for any and all changes to the exterior of any property (whether permanently affixed to the property or not).  Applications include complete architectural and landscape plans for new home construction or modifications (additions) as well as pool, fence, landscape, hurricane shutters, paint or any other change to the outside of any residence.  The Committee operates under guidelines established in the PGAPOA By-Laws, Rules and Regulations and the Design Review Manual.

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The Committee meets on an as needed basis.  The Community Channel (Channel 63) was established to allow the POA to provide messages of importance to PGA National residents via their home television.  Each association may also announce their community events and meetings. Committee members watch local newspapers for community events and information of interest to PGA residents.  Some computer experience is helpful so members can input messages on Channel 63.

The Committee is also responsible for providing information to be placed on the POA’s Web site at  Information of interest to PGA residents, various forms and community updates are all available on the POA’s web page.  While you must be in PGA National to view Channel 63, the Web is available to anyone with a computer!

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This Committee, as required per the By-Laws of PGA POA, consists of three members of the Board, including the Board President, Vice President and Treasurer.  The Committee has all the powers of the Board, exercised only during the interval between meetings of the Board when a matter is so urgent it cannot wait for a regular Board meeting.

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The POA Treasurer meets with this three member Committee only once or twice per year to review budgeting before presentation to the POA Board for approval.  The POA’s fiscal year is July 1 – June 30 and, since assessment notices must be mailed by June 1st, the “busy time” for this Committee is typically April and May.

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In accordance with the By-Laws and State Statutes, this Committee consists of three residents who are NOT members of the Board of Governors, nor may they be related to Board members.  The By-Laws explain the procedures this Committee is required to follow when reviewing owners’ violation of the rules or governing documents of PGA POA.  After conducting a hearing and determining the facts, the Committee has the right to impose fines of up to $100.00 per day for each day the violation continues.  Fines imposed by the Hearings Committee cannot (per Statute) be overturned by the Board.

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As the name implies, the Committee meets approximately twice per year to discuss projects requested by the various committees.  The Long Range Planning Committee works closely with the Budget and Finance Committee to establish budget and prioritize planned projects.

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A very active Committee currently consisting of nine members.  The Committee meets at least (and typically) once per month in the afternoon for about one hour.  They are responsible for reviewing routine maintenance as well as coordinating improvements.  Responsibilities include landscape and irrigation along the main roads, parks and common areas of the POA, as well as new equipment for the parks (ie: playground equipment) and any other ‘common area maintenance’ concerns.  They work closely with the Board and Long Range Planning Committee to establish projects and goals for coming years.  The current priority is installing irrigation along the main roads where it was never installed by the developer as well as tying the existing road right-of-way irrigation into the POA’s system (and off the HOA’s system). After the irrigation is fully operational, other common area improvements can be accomplished. Entry enhancements are also under discussion.

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This Committee is formed each year in August or September. It consists of at least three members who are tasked with finding candidates for election to the PGA POA Board of Governors.  Candidates are interviewed and the list of names presented to the Board by the first week in November.  The annual meeting is held in late January or early February and, with staggered terms, elected board members serve for two years.

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One member of the POA Board of Governors attends governmental meetings to keep the Board apprised of information and updates which may affect PGA National or its residents.  The Public Affairs representative worked with the Northlake Neighborhood Coalition who were instrumental in realignment of the Bee Line Highway Turnpike interchange and in getting sound walls and other concessions for directly affected Steeplechase HOA residents.  They focus on development in the surrounding area that may affect PGA National.

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POA approval is required for any property sold or leased in PGA National.  The objective is to have a representative from each association.  This Committee meets as needed to review procedures and methods to get owners and local realtors to abide by the POA rules.  Each community should have a representative on the Committee.

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Like the Rental Committee, we request that each community have a representative on this Committee.   As the name indicates, this Committee reviews current rules and makes recommendations for revisions.  Since the POA rules and regulations were completely amended and restated recently, the Committee does not presently have meetings scheduled.  A meeting is called “as needed” if the POA Board, Committees or Staff find a need to have a rule amended.

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The Committee consists of several people from various communities within PGA National. A new contract with Elite was signed in 2012.  The POA looks to Elite to assist with rules enforcement, and with access control procedures.  We are constantly striving to improve security services and the Committee carefully monitors the guards’ performance and discusses ideas for improvement.  The Committee has been meeting every two to three months for approximately one hour.

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The “fun” Committee.  Typically meets once per month during the months of January – May for approximately one hour; however, just prior to any event, meetings may be held every ten days to ensure that the event runs smoothly.   This group of four is responsible for the Annual Children’s Party in the Park (held each April), the Annual Arts and Crafts Festival (held each fall) and the annual holiday lights.  This Committee always has a good time – they could use some enthusiastic people!


(Updated Aug, 2012)