Property Managers Report – August 2017


If your barcode isn’t opening the gate, it is probably a result of one of these things:

  • you are a renter with an expired lease
  • you had a temporary tag that expired and you didn’t notify the POA of the new license plate number; or
  • your barcode decal is old and/or damaged.

If the sticker looks gray and black (instead of black and white) or if there are scratches or tears on the decal, it is time for a replacement. If you park outside or use a car wash regularly, the barcode will typically start to fail after approximately two years. The most sensitive reader is at the Northlake Blvd entry so if you are having problems there (or any other PGA gate) just stop by the POA office with the vehicle registration and $5.00 (and the car, of course) and we will have you in and out in minutes.

Please do not pull barcodes off and re-stick them on new cars (or other cars). They are designed to tear but even if you successfully transfer the barcode, it won’t work (or not for long). As indicated above, it only takes a couple minutes to get a new barcode so please help us keep our database accurate and get a new barcode. Likewise, let us know if you get a different license plate so we can update the records.

A point on the weather and barcodes: We are in the regular afternoon rain cycle. It’s good for the plants and grass but doesn’t allow us to attach barcodes. Please don’t get upset with staff when we can’t attach a barcode immediately following rains. We don’t mind getting wet, but the glue on the barcodes does not like any dampness. If there is any moisture at all, the decal just slides off. To answer your next question, no, we can’t just give it to you.

We are hopeful that someday we will have 24 hour access control so it is important the database is accurate. If we don’t attach the decal we have no way of knowing whether it was put on the registered car or given to a friend, relative, housekeeper, etc. (Amazing I know but, yes, it does happen). Also, if the device isn’t attached exactly right, the scanner won’t accurately read it.


Just a quick reminder (again: yes, I’m nagging) storm season started already and late August starts the peak time for those “H” storms to blow in and devastate the place! If you don’t already have your preparation procedures in place please get started. Information for preparation before, during and after a storm can be obtained at any local TV station website and here in the POA website.


After almost 20 years as your property manager, I’ve come to know a lot of you and with deep sorrow and regret, had to weather the loss of a good number of residents.  Although I can’t mention everyone, I would be remiss not to mention Phil Slifka who we lost last month.

Phil served on the POA Board from 1999 to 2012 where he Chaired the Maintenance & Landscape Committee. He continued to chair the Landscape Committee for several more years after leaving the Board.   He was instrumental in the plan for Masters Park and the “In Honor Of” benches and plants in that park.  His daughter Judy has a tranquil bench/arbor on the west side of the park. I remember when residents donated to buy it in Judy’s memory… many donated!

That alone speaks volumes for Phil and Naomi Slifka. I think almost everyone in PGA knew and loved Phil and even those who didn’t know him personally saw him walking his best bud, Sammy, along Ryder Cup while keeping an eye on the common areas of  The Legends and PGA National. He always had a smile and time to chat; he truly cared about the community and all of PGA National.  Phil will be sadly missed by his neighbors and friends, and the Lang Management team at the Legends and at PGA POA.  Our thoughts and sympathy to his wife, Naomi.

Property Manager’s Report – July 2017

This will be a brief article since I’m busy building the boat for everyone! That’s what we get for complaining about the drought. Seriously, it has been good to see everything growing and turning green but enough rain already! The drainage system is working well. Please remember when we have periods of little rain then experience heavy rain, all the leaves and debris float to the big metal storm grates and clog the surface. If you have a storm grate in your yard, take a rake and clear the leaves off the surface. Under NO circumstances should you ever lift the grate and do NOT use your hands. Once the water flows, it moves fast so be careful.

Some other reminders for this time of year:

PGA POA ASSESSMENT: If you’re reading this and you haven’t paid your $730 annual assessment to PGA POA, I have some bad news: Your payment is now late. Not to worry, interest doesn’t start to accrue for a little while yet so you still have time to get your payment into the POA … but hurry!

THE CRITTERS: Last month I reminded everyone that alligator mating and nesting season is upon us. Please remember that feeding of any Wildlife is prohibited per the PGA POA rules.

In addition to being against the rules, feeding alligators is dangerous and causes them to lose their fear of humans. They will learn quickly to associate humans with food….and you could become the food. Please do not feed alligators under any circumstances! Don’t think they are only in the water, use extreme care when walking (or walking your dog) especially in areas where there is water nearby.

I actually saw a ‘gator crossing Ryder Cup Blvd just south of Marlwood Park a few weeks ago. He got to the edge of the street and stopped and someone (who surely was not obeying the 35 mph speed limit) almost ran over him and he ran back to the preserve area. Wow! Can they move fast! He snuck back to the side of the road and I can only assume he finally made it to the water on the other side.

STORM SEASON: One more season that is upon us is the famous storm season also known as “the H-word”. If you do not already have your supplies and readiness kit, you should immediately make provisions for same. Remember that drinking water is important because once weather forecasters report that a storm is in the vicinity, bottled water disappears from the local stores; it is always the first thing to go. If you don’t know what supplies you need to have on hand, you can find a list here on this website.

Hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Property Manager’s Report – January 2017

This month I will probably make up for my missing articles over the last few months (uh oh!)

First, with regard to the POA Annual meeting: Thank you to all who attended and sent in ballots. We would also like to express sincere appreciation to Roy J. Traina and Susan Weiss who ran for election; we trust they will be involved in the community via the various committees. Board members re-elected were Sam Boyd, Bob Brown, Bob Hodgson and Jack Hughes who will serve with those board members completing their second year of office: Mike Engelsher, Art Garbarino, Ralph Infanti, Bob Kramer and Karen Warshaw.

Speaking of Boards, it is with a heavy heart that we say goodbye to Mr. Ralph Duckett of Marlwood Estates. He served on the Marlwood Board for ten years, helped a number of PGA residents as a house sitter and was always willing to lend a hand. He had a warm smile and always a kind word. He will be sadly missed by all whose lives he touched.

As you know, this is the month of The Honda Classic. Marlwood Park (on Ryder Cup Blvd) will be closed February 13 through March 2, 2017. The Honda Classic will be using the parking lot only; however, due to liability concerns and because parking along the road is prohibited and causes damage, the playground will also be closed. Please use the Burwick park on Tournament Blvd at Medalist.

Residents of PGA National will again be able to use the shuttle to get to and from the events. Please stop by the POA office or check this PGA-POA Shuttle Schedule link. For all other Honda Classic information go to


Paths: There are more walkers, runners and bicyclists than ever in the community. It is wonderful to see such an active community but it scares me to death to see the way some of the drivers have near misses with these active members! Please remember that pedestrians have the right-of-way. Likewise bicycles using the roadways are just like a car and must follow the same traffic laws as vehicles.

Some of the communities have a crosswalk for pedestrians before the intersection stop sign but there are pedestrian warning signs that should be heeded. As you leave a community or intersection, please slow down before the cross walk then proceed with caution to the stop sign. Because bicycles use the street and the sidewalks, they can come up quickly.

Guardhouses: The Board of Governors and Long Range Planning Committee are completing the re-facing of the remaining three guardhouses (PGA Blvd at Ryder Cup and the Ave of the Masters and the Tournament Blvd guardhouses). You may notice some gaps in the stone but this is because the impact glass windows are on back-order. All work will be completed by the end of February.

Circle: I’ve mentioned the Long Range Planning Committee’s goals for the renovation of the traffic circle on Ave of the Champions. It is very early in the discussion phase and nowhere near the design phase but as soon as the Committee feels an idea is acceptable, I will include a rendering or description. As always, we will put signs up with information in the POA office but we are MONTHS away from any of that.

Please remember that you cannot use other community’s dumpsters to dump your trash. Just like you pay for waste removal on your property tax bill, these communities (and individual owners doing work at their home) pay to have their dumpsters emptied. Some of the communities have gotten so frustrated over people driving up and throwing trash, construction materials and everything in between into their dumpsters that they have camera installed and they search license plates and charge the violator. Other communities go through trash bags when cars pull up to dump and they find identification of whose trash has been left.

Owners should also alert their contractors (and make it part of any contract) that all debris must be removed at the end of each workday per POA rules AND that debris must be properly disposed of and may not be placed in dumpsters within PGA National.

You remember what you learned in first grade: Say please and thank you and share. Here are some more reminders: Smile at a stranger. Instead of getting upset with drivers, yield the right of way and wave (but not with one finger). In summary, as a popular country song says: Always be humble and kind.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather. Make it a happy month!

Property Manager’s Report – August 2016

Thanks to those who called and said they missed my article….nice to know someone is reading this. I enjoyed my first “real” vacation since I came to PGA 18 years, 7 months and 10 days ago (but who is counting). Yes, I really was on vacation and had a great time in Sanibel. Someone asked if they finally put me in the padded cell. Ha Ha

This month I will be more brief than ever….and you know how I ramble on and on. I have only three things to point out:

First and most importantly: LOCK YOUR DOORS AND SET YOUR ALARMS. PGA has always been fortunate to enjoy low crime rates but lately we’ve had some “break ins”. I use the quotes because in every case the alarm was not set and in many cases, all of the doors were not locked or windows were left open. I cannot overemphasize the need to be diligent, secure your home and car, and to watch your community.

If you have an absentee neighbor and you don’t think someone should be around their house please call the police or security. We are happy to look into it. Not all crime occurs at night although afternoons seem to be a favorite since it is when many owners go out to dinner. This reminds me: don’t create a routine. Anyone watching your house will easily notice if you go out every night at 5:30 p.m. for dinner. If you have an alarm, get motion sensors and glass break sensors. That way, if they get in, the alarm will be tripped – but you have to turn it on!

Second: The annual assessment notices were mailed June 1 st for the PGA POA assessment due July 1 st . If you have not already mailed your payment, it is now late and interest charges have started accruing. If you can’t remember if you mailed a $700.00 payment to PGA POA, just call. We are happy to check our records.

Third: If you see something that needs attention or repair in the POA common areas (parks, along the main roadways/sidewalks, etc.) call the POA office. I am only one person and this is a darn big place so I appreciate the extra eyes.

Next month I should be more caught up from my week off and I will be able to bore you with a much longer article.

Wishing all of you a wonderful August (stay inside; it is just too hot outside).

Property Manager’s Report – December 2015

by Property Manager, Dawn Levinstein

Only two matters to discuss this month:

  • The Northlake Entry
  • The Annual Art Festival


First, let me start by saying the POA and the City of Palm Beach Gardens don’t like trees removed unless they are an undesirable species and unless they will be replaced with other trees. The trees along the south end of Ryder Cup Blvd are Bischofia trees which are just a step above Ficus in their level of undesirability. Click here for the University of Florida’s website which is quite clear about the fact that Bischofia trees are not a good choice, especially for “street trees”.

I have been including information about this planned project in my articles for a full year but when the work began the phones started ringing off the hook with residents who had no idea what the construction was all about. Then the rumors started (and some are really interesting) so I thought I’d try again to let everyone know what is happening even though we are hopeful that the project will be completed within the next few weeks.

The POA is only making changes between Northlake and the City Park/Preston Community entry (with existing trees left in place immediately south of each of those driveways). We are NOT widening Ryder Cup Blvd. and we are NOT continuing all the way up to PGA Blvd.

By clicking here, you will find the renderings we have on display in the POA lobby and which were shared with your HOA/Condo President at previous Council of Presidents meetings.

The Northlake Blvd. entry to PGA National has always been thought of as the “back gate” and for the past 15 years the POA Board has tried to make improvements and enhancements. But it was finally time for a complete redesign to enhance the south entry, especially with the Jog Road Turnpike tie-in and the proposed developments to be built west of PGA National. The additional traffic on Northlake Blvd that will result from developments to the west supports the Board’s opinion that this entry should reflect the beautifully maintained overall PGA National community’s appearance and that it should stop looking like “the back gate”.

We know that seeing the trees coming down was a shock but the “beautiful trees” are actually Bischofias and are very brittle, non-native, undesirable trees.  Every time we have a windstorm or heavy rain, branches fall from these trees and block the roadway.  The root systems are aggressive and they drop ‘fruit” periodically that take root and over time sprout into new trees.  The POA authorized the removal of Bischofia “street trees” in Preston and The Island years ago and most of the residents have removed them.   The University of Florida narrative contains a quote from the University experts and they too acknowledge that these trees are less than desirable.

The ficus hedge along the berm south of  Preston’s exit (behind Preston Court homes) will be replaced with an arboricola hedge and will be grown to the existing height so the residents don’t lose their buffering.  Also, as you can see now, the beautiful blue flowering Queens Crepe tree south of Preston’s exit lane is NOT being removed and the Oak trees on the west side of Ryder Cup Blvd. (just south of the Queens Crepe) are being relocated to the Ryder Cup Blvd. center median.  Neither the POA nor the City allows or want oaks to be removed.

At each corner of Northlake Blvd., a low stone wall and pillars will be placed to mirror the main entry on a smaller scale; the wall itself will receive the same stone finish used on the monument sign. The area behind and in front of the wall will be planted with trees and shrubs.  A row of Royal Palm Trees will line each side of Ryder Cup Blvd. (where the Bischofias were removed) and the Oak trees will follow the center median from Northlake Blvd. to the guardhouse.  Upon completion, the redesign will open visibility, draw the eye away from the mechanical traffic control equipment the county put on the south side of Northlake Blvd., and will create a beautiful entry to PGA National.

As with all changes, we have to go through a construction phase which is always difficult and, as I stated above, a shock to see but we are doing our best to get the job done quickly. In fact, we have requested that the contractors meet a December 31st deadline. Once complete, we may need to enhance some areas but we ask for your patience during the planting and grow-in phase. We appreciate our input, as always, and trust you too will be happy with the long overdue project once it is complete.


The 10th Annual Art Festival & Craft fair is Saturday, December 12th from 10:am – 4:pm in Masters Park.

Please be sure to take a stroll through the park, enjoy some music from “Jammin’ Jim” and have a snack or lunch while you shop. All items are hand-made by the artists and include everything from clothing for people and pets, to photography, sculptures, children’s bows and clothes, to jewelry and accessories. You just might find the perfect holiday gift too! It is one day only so support your community and don’t miss it!

Property Manager’s Report – November 2015

Welcome Home
Our seasonal residents are starting to return. This means that traffic will be just a little busier and with everyone in residence, we will have more walkers, joggers, bicyclists, etc. sharing the roads and walkways. Please be courteous to pedestrians (they have the right of way) and watch your speed within the community. The new sensors and cameras on vehicles sometimes cause us to forget that our head is on a swivel for a reason: When backing up, don’t rely solely on your vehicle camera – look behind you!

It’s a Bird-Brain Thing
If you have ever spoken with me, you probably know that I like all animals. I don’t eat anything with a face and I enjoy, but respect, wildlife. Before I fall off my soapbox, I thought I’d take an opportunity to remind you that you should not be feeding any wildlife – and this includes birds. A couple months ago I explained how feeding birds may bring rats (to eat the left over seeds), bunnies (to nibble on the seeds that sprout), foxes (to nibble on the bunnies) and on up the food chain. I admit that I had a bird feeder on my property but way, way far away from the house (I live on well over an acre) so all that wildlife can stay out there…..or so I thought. The woodpeckers decided that my chimney had a fun metal piece to bang on (usually about 5:00 am); the squirrels decided to play tag on my roof and there is a rumor they are eating the wires for my satellite dish; and the neighbor’s cat is really getting fat. Last week my neighbor asked me if I noticed his cat bringing mice over as presents for me. “Uh, do you think they came from my bird feeder?” I asked. He probably thought I was nuts asking about a bird feeder when he was talking about rodents but guess what? I no longer have a bird feeder. Oh, and the cat is now giving me dirty looks.

Lock It Up
The residents of PGA National have always had the pleasure of experiencing little to no crime and as a result, we tend to forget to lock our car (or house) doors and we sometimes leave valuables in the car in plain view. Unfortunately, in mid-October, a number of residents had items stolen from their cars and in one case the car was taken (but recovered within PGA a few hours later). I believe I am correct in stating that all of the cars were unlocked.

This is a good reminder for everyone to keep doors locked and reiterates the reason why the POA cites owners for leaving garage doors open: It only takes seconds for items to be taken. Please do not leave spare keys in your car; keep your car and house doors locked and set alarms. Also, as I’ve said in the past, if you see anything suspicious, call the Palm Beach Gardens Police and/or PGA Security. Obviously, if it is an emergency, call 911. We want everyone to continue to enjoy the beautiful safe community PGA National has always been.

Counting Down to Fun
The annual Art Festival & Craft Fair will be held Saturday, December 12th in Masters Park from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. All PGA residents should be spreading the word and of course stopping by to shop! It is a one day event but some of the best artists and crafters will be right here in your community offering fabulous hand-made one of a kind items at very reasonable prices: Just in time for the holidays! Of course I plan to be there selling my jewelry (Look for “Dawn’s Designs” …. not that I’m soliciting or twisting your arm …. much). Truly, there is something for everyone and “Jammin’ Jim” will have some wonderful music mixes of all kinds for you to enjoy while you stroll through the park. Please mark it on your calendar and don’t miss it!

Property Manager’s Report – October 2015


In the last issue, I mentioned that in January it will be time for the POA Annual meeting and elections.  There are vacancies on the nine member POA Board of Governors so if you have some experience with associations, feel you can offer good input, you play well with others, and you are interested in serving on the Board of Governors, be sure to send a “letter of introduction” (i.e.: your name and contact info and a brief background with your related experience).  I will pass the info on to the Nominating Committee.

The annual meeting will be Wednesday, January 20th at 6:00 p.m. in the PGA National Resort so mark your calendar and attend the meeting.  This is the annual member’s meeting (or owners’ meeting) and a lot of information about PGA National is shared.   Local officials also attend with information about the area and planned projects around PGA.  Don’t worry, the meeting rarely lasts more than an hour so it is a great reason to go out and enjoy a nice meal after (or before!) the meeting.


Oh wait, we are stopped!  For those who are wondering if the POA lost its mind and just wants to leave black paper on the outside of the Northlake guardhouse, the answer is no.  We sincerely apologize for the delay but the plan was to install impact glass on the doors and windows.  The stone contractor began his work but the window company closed up (no pun intended) so it caused some delays while a new company fabricated windows.  By the time you read this the project should be moving along nicely.  Again, we appreciate your patience.


No, not the cigarette – the holiday lights!   For all who have been complaining about the holiday lighting (myself more than anyone, especially since people yell at me – really – about the design) I am happy to report that the plan has been changed considerably this year.  Of course the Northlake entry will be under construction but we’ve managed to have the center median trees nicely lit.  The other entries will have different lighting too and the Board heard you when you said the various displays (carolers, train, etc) were ‘dated’ but Santa and the Reindeer must continue to fly past the PGA logo on the hill.  I don’t want to spoil it but I hope you’ll enjoy the new lighting plan.  The lights go on around Thanksgiving….wow, where did the time go?


I can’t believe it is October!  As I just said, what happened to the whole year?  Seasonal residents will start returning soon and if you are into horror movies, you probably noticed that my heading is a line from a famous one. No, I am NOT calling our seasonal residents horrors!   I’m referring to the frightening time of year.   It is, after all, the month of Halloween and in addition to the heavier traffic with residents returning, we will have lots of Ghosties and Ghoulies doing the “Trick or Treat” thing.  Every year we seem to have more families with children moving into PGA National.  That’s a good thing but we all need to remember that it means more people on and along the roadways.  The maximum speed in PGA is 35 mph and that is only in a few areas.  Most streets have a 25 mph speed limit.  The point to all this babbling is to nag you, again, to slow down inside the community and watch for pedestrians, joggers, bicyclists, children and wildlife!

Wishing all of you a safe and happy Halloween – BOO!

Property Managers Report – March 2015


We are again experiencing items being stolen from cars. In almost every case, the car is left open and valuables are taken. I never understood why anyone would leave valuables in a car (and especially an unlocked car) but it is happening. The truly amazing thing is that some residents have seen someone suspicious near their car in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning then found something minor missing from their car and they didn’t report it to anyone.

Please, if you see suspicious people, call security or the police! Although Elite Security cannot act as a police officer, they do work very closely with them. They have a lot of good tools such as infrared cameras and heat sensors and if contacted early, catching the “bad guys” is a very real possibility.


As I write this article the POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”) just finalized the agenda with a record 102 items! Thank you to all the people who are following the rules and making the required application for any outside work/changes.

We know it is a pain and that the rules are great when they don’t make work for you but those rules are what allow a 30+ year old community to hold or increase property values and compete with newer communities. I’ve often said I wish I had more “before and after” photos to show how much has been done over the past 16 years to improve and upgrade the appearance of PGA National.

Again, a big, fat, thank you to those who work so hard to keep their own property maintained (and upgraded) and for your understanding that the we at the POA office (you know, us meanies who make you submit all that paperwork) are just doing our job and looking out for your community.


Yes, this is about trucks. As you know (or maybe you don’t) the POA rules for the past 30 years have allowed trucks to be parked outside any time except when you are probably sleeping (ie between 2:00 a.m. – 6:00 a.m.). The amended rules (mailed with the Annual Meeting notice in December) will change the rule resulting in trucks being prohibited from midnight to 6:00 a.m.

Please note that these rules will not go into effect until they have been recorded by the Clerk of the Court. I will update you via my article once everything is finalized.

The rule will also now allow trucks that have a factory finished custom “topper” over the bed, with windows around all sides, to remain outside. These “toppers” result in giving the truck the appearance of an SUV. A camper type topper will not be permitted, nor will a flat cover over the truck bed. Any question regarding what is permitted should be directed to the POA.

Please be aware that there is, and will remain, a separate provision for commercial vehicles. Any vehicles having commercial lettering, equipment etc. will continue to be prohibited after regular work hours of 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


On Saturday, April 25th the POA will hold the Annual Children’s Party in the Park from 1:00 – 4:00 p.m. in Masters Park. As always, there are lots of rides and carnival type games (with prizes) as well as hotdogs, hamburgers, popcorn, cotton candy and more. This event is for PGA National residents and their guests only. In March we will mail postcard reminders to all homes in PGA and, if you want to purchase a food pass, you will need to do so before the event.


I know you’re starting to think I’m making it up, but the POA really is going to be renovating the Northlake entry landscape. The Maintenance Committee and Board of Governors have been working with the landscape architect and the City to finalize plans and get approvals. Surveys needed to be compete and we are finally at the stage where work can start soon. The work will be done over the summer months and the guardhouse stone work will also be completed
around the same time so that by the time next winter rolls around, the Northlake entry will be beautiful! Thanks for your patience.


Although it is still cold “up north” and I expect our seasonal residents will be sticking around for a while, I wanted to include some reminders for those getting ready to leave for the summer:

1. Newspapers: Nothing says “come break in” like newspapers piling up outside. Please remember to discontinue service.

2. Lights: Leave some exterior lights on and have your “house sitter” or a friend replace bulbs as needed. If you don’t have timers on some of your interior lights, you can buy inexpensive timers to automatically turn on/off lamps in your absence to give the appearance the home is occupied.

3. Air Conditioner: Under no circumstances should your turn off the a/c! It is amazing how fast mold will take over your home in Florida’s warm, muggy environment. Instead, set the thermostat at approximately 80 – 85 degrees and set the fan on “automatic”. If you have a humidistat, follow manufacturer’s directions.

4. Food: Don’t leave perishables in your refrigerator.

5. Water: Shut off water to your unit if possible. This should be done a few hours before you leave then after it is off for an hour, check for leaks. If you don’t turn off the water, have your friend or house sitter run water in the sinks and flush the toilets periodically to keep internal components from drying out and causing odors.

6. Toilets: If you use bluing containers in the tank, remove them. They are caustic and may cause damage to the components in the tank when the blue water sits without flushing.

7. Hurricane Protection: The POA does NOT allow shutters to be installed/closed unless you have accordion shutters or clear panels. You should store all patio furniture or accessories that may become projectiles during high winds. If you don’t have the type of hurricane protection that can be installed/closed for the season, be sure you have someone who can install storm shutters once a hurricane warning is issued.

I’ve rambled on enough – with humor, I make my closing statement: To our seasonal residents, I hope you have a wonderful summer. To our year-round residents, it’s time to go out to the restaurants!

Wishing all of you a happy, healthy summer.

Property Managers Report – February 2015


As you know, the PGA POA annual meeting was last month. With appreciation to everyone who ran, we are happy to announce the 2015 PGA POA Board of Governors: Bob Brown, Mike Engelsher, Art Garbarino, Bob Hodgson, Jack Hughes, Ralph Infanti, Jeanne Larsen, Don Paulus and Karen Warshaw. Out of the 4895 residential units, we received approximately 1200 residential ballots and only about 200 commercial votes. If you took the time to send your ballot, thank you.


The Honda Classic starts at the end of February. Shuttle buses will be available for PGA National resident with pickup locations at various points along the main roads such as General Drive, opposite Masters Park and others. The POA has a list of shuttle stops in the office and, of course, there are signs identifying the areas. If you see someone parking in a community and walking to a shuttle stop please call security; the stops are for PGA residents only and cars cannot be left near the stops.

Some communities have security or volunteers at their entry to ensure that only residents and their guests are using the community. Others have ‘parking passes’ to identify cars in the community as belong there. If you haven’t heard from your association to see if they are doing anything about entry or parking, please call your management company.

Also, please remember that Marlwood Park will be closed for almost a month starting in Mid-February. Please visit the Burwick Park playground area (on Tournament Blvd)


The POA office receives a number of calls regarding the speed of cars in the community and we routinely ask the Palm Beach Gardens Police to assist with traffic laws in PGA National. I keep saying “you’re home, slow down” but we still have Speedy Sam and Speedy Sal zipping along. In particular, the intersection into and out of the Preston development at the south end of Ryder Cup Blvd is on a blind bend in the road. We keep asking that you obey the 25 mph speed limit and don’t speed to “make the light’. The POA Board has asked Northern Palm Beach County Improvement District to look into solutions, including a speed limit sign with a speed display and/or a device that warns oncoming drivers when a car is pulling out of the community. In the meantime, slow down!

This request is not only for Ryder Cup Blvd but for your own community as well. Every few years PGA National goes through a “cycle” where there are young people everywhere. From small children to teens and adults, everyone is using the paths, edge of road and other areas for exercise and play. It is much easier to stop when you are traveling at (or below) the posted speed limit. Those signs are not a suggested speed they are the maximum speed allowed.


It is a little early but it creeps up quickly so mark your calendar! April 25th is the date of the Annual Children’s Party in the Park. If you are new to PGA National, it is a carnival type event at Masters Park for the residents of PGA National. Food passes must be purchased in advance but all residents can stop in and enjoy rides, games, clowns, face painting and more. Postcards will be mailed next month. We hope to see you there.

Property Manager’s Report – January 2015

First, and most importantly, the Staff at the PGA POA office wishes all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year. It’s true that the older we get the faster time goes by; it seems like it was yesterday that I started managing the POA but it will be Seventeen years on February 1st – WOW!

As we begin another year, I think back on all the fantastic people I’ve met at PGA National. My thoughts and prayers also go back to the wonderful people who we’ve lost over the past seventeen years. The community really is a family and it has been a pleasure working for all of you.

The annual meeting is Thursday, January 22, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. (sign in starts at 5:pm). The meeting notice was mailed to all owners along with a ballot. In this issue, you will find candidate information for each of the six candidates running for four positions on the PGA POA Board of Governors.

Please be sure to follow the directions for casting your ballot so your vote will count! As usual, Bob Hodgson, your POA President, will give an overview of the past year and review plans for upcoming projects and events. City and County officials will be present to give a brief presentation and there will again be a drawing for Honda Classic passes due to the generosity of the Honda Classic officials. The drawing will be held at the end of the Annual meeting and you have to attend to win so join us on January 22nd.

I’ve been referring to the plans to enhance the entry for a while. We met with representatives from the City of Palm Beach Gardens who were very helpful, as always. Because we have to work within restrictions on rights of way and because of the official ownership of the various lands adjacent to each side of the entry, it will take some time. It looks like the plans for a low stone wall on each side of Ryder Cup Blvd (to match – on a much smaller scale) will be something we can accomplish. We are still working out details to see whether we can continue the re-landscaping all the way up Ryder Cup Blvd to the gatehouse. I will keep you informed as we finalize plans.

For those of you who have been painting, mulching and landscaping- thank you! I still think we should start a “most beautiful” award for the best maintained home or community because some homes and communities have come a long way in making improvements.

Just a reminder, before you do any type of work on the outside of your home, you need to get written approval from the POA Architectural Review Committee (“ARC”). Lori Moody is in the POA office to help you with the process. She has a great southern accent but she also has southern hospitality and will assist you with the process. It isn’t difficult but the committee only meets once per month so please be sure to submit your application in a timely manner so we can get it approved prior to the date you want to start working.

Every couple months I include a reminder about the barcode decals for the gates. If you have had the same barcode on your car for more than four years and the gate doesn’t always open (especially at Northlake Blvd) it may be time to replace the barcode. They wear out when the vehicle isn’t kept in the garage or when the people who wash your car use chemicals on the windows. Just stop by the POA with the vehicle registration, $5.00 and the car (of course) and we will be happy to replace the device. Remember, only owners and authorized renters can get a barcode.

Don’t’ forget about the annual meeting and whether you plan to attend or not, be sure to send in your ballot! Every vote counts!