PGA Property Owners Association (“PGA POA”) is managed by a homeowner elected nine-member Board of Governors who serve for two year terms.  Board elections are staggered allowing for continuity and each member of the board Chairs one of the ten PGA POA Committees.  Many Board members also serve on more than one committee.  You can learn more about the Board and Committees by clicking on this link.

PGA POA has a contract with Lang Management Company to manage the day-to-day affairs of the community and a Property Manager is assigned full time to assist the Board and PGA National residents.  You can contact the Property Manager by clicking on this link.

There are several POA forms that homeowners are asked to complete at various times.  Each of these forms can be found and printed from the links on the right:

  • Any and all changes to the exterior of a residence, including but nto limited to landscaping, painting, roofing, hurricane shutter installation, screen enclosures or pools, or additions to the structure requires the submittal of an Architectural Review Submittal Checklist & Application
  • Owners leaving the community for the season or going on vacation should complete a Property Check Information Sheet.  In addition to regular security patrols of the community, submittal of the Property Check/Travel Info  form will ensure that security makes a perimeter check of your PGA National home while you are away
  • An Emergency Contact Form should be completed by every new property owner and whenever it changes the POA should be notified of a change in your mailing address or phone number
  • Since the POA has the right of first refusal for all leases and sales within PGA National, Owners are required complete lease or resale application forms.

The Board of Governors is always looking out for the well-being of the property owners who make up our community.  We will use this web site to alert you as soon as possible to activities or legislation that may affect you or your property values.  When you hear a rumor or read an article that affects PGA National, please check this site first before calling the Property Manager.  By doing this, you can learn the facts quickly and accurately.