Welcome to the PGA National community!

by Dawn Levinstein, Property Manager

Whether you are new to the area or have lived in PGA for many years, you will find helpful information on this site.

PGA is a 2,340 acre community comprised of more than 40 individual neighborhood associations. Clicking this link - COMMUNITIES - will bring you to a list of the communities and access to the management company contact for each community.

The day-to-day operations are handled through the POA office on Fairway Drive by the Lang Management Company staff who report to the nine member Board of Governors. There are also a number of Committees who report to the Board.   Information about the Board and the Committees can be found by clicking here for the BOARD and here for the … Read More...

Property Manager’s Report – January 2016

First, I would like to wish all PGA residents a very Happy and Healthy 2016! ANNUAL MEETING Just a reminder that the POA Annual Meeting will be Wednesday, January 20th in the Masters Ballroom at PGA National Resort. Sign in starts at 5:00 p.m. … [Read More...]

Property Manager’s Report – December 2015

by Property Manager, Dawn Levinstein Only two matters to discuss this month: The Northlake Entry The Annual Art Festival THE NORTHLAKE ENTRY First, let me start by saying the POA and the City of Palm Beach Gardens don’t like trees … [Read More...]

Property Manager’s Report – November 2015

Welcome Home Our seasonal residents are starting to return. This means that traffic will be just a little busier and with everyone in residence, we will have more walkers, joggers, bicyclists, etc. sharing the roads and walkways. Please be courteous … [Read More...]

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Security Director’s Report – December 2015

As we prepare for the 2016 year, I would like to take a moment to reflect on 2015, which was a good year for security within PGA National. For the third year in a row we have seen decreases in the overall crime within PGA National. Your phone calls … [Read More...]

Security Directors Report – November 2015

Last month, one of our neighboring gated communities experienced thirteen auto burglaries in one night. One of the burglarized vehicles was stolen as a result of the keys being left inside. A real unfortunate situation for everyone involved. PGA … [Read More...]

Security Directors Report – September 2015

I’m sure by now you all have taken notice of the newly installed gate arms. The gate arms are equipped with LED lights to enhance driver awareness and safety. The “Red” lights, indicates the need to stop and use caution as you approach the gate in … [Read More...]

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Police Foundation: A Successful 2015, A New Year Ahead in 2016

As the new year begins, we look back on a very productive December for the Police Foundation .… and we look forward to a busy year ahead. Holiday Joy Drive: The Palm Beach Gardens Police and Fire Joy Drive was the major event sponsored by the … [Read More...]

Police Foundation: Investing in a Safe Community

A Vision for a Safe Community: Your Palm Beach Gardens Police Foundation has a vision of ensuring that Palm Beach Gardens continues to be the safest and most inviting city for people to live, learn, work and play. It all begins with a Police … [Read More...]

Ken Kennerly – A Review of Safety and Security at The Honda Classic

This year’s Honda Classic, the thirteenth here in Palm Beach Gardens, drew 16 of the top 25 golfers on the PGA TOUR and was perhaps the finest ever. We drew 165,200 confirmed spectators over eight days including the rain-delayed finish on Monday that … [Read More...]

Security Director’s Report – August 2014

In my last article, I expressed the importance of securing your vehicle doors, setting your house alarm before leaving, and closing your garage door when not in use. Over the last two months, PGA National had the unfortunate displeasure of … [Read More...]

Security Director’s Report – July 2014

At the time this article was written, PGA National was experiencing a rash of burglaries. In the span of ten days, Security responded to three residential burglaries and three auto burglaries. Two of the residential burglaries occurred within the … [Read More...]

Veterans Garden – Dedicated and Open!

The official dedication ceremony for PGA's new Veterans Garden in Masters Park took place on Sunday, November 10th - a bright, sunny, wonderful day! With an estimated 400 PGA residents and their friends as well as Federal, State, County and City … [Read More...]

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