Welcome to the PGA National community!

by Dawn Levinstein, Property Manager

Whether you are new to the area or have lived in PGA for many years, you will find helpful information on this site.

PGA is a 2,340 acre community comprised of more than 40 individual neighborhood associations. Clicking this link - COMMUNITIES - will bring you to a list of the communities and access to the management company contact for each community. Read More...

Property Manager’s Report – April 2014

DUMPING ON ME: Yes, that is in my job description but I’m not talking about verbal dumping (although that too sounds really bad). I am referring to owners and/or their contractors who drive into a different community (or look around their own … [Read More...]

Property Managers Report – March 2014

HONDA CLASSIC: Another successful year! Hope you were able to enjoy the activities. By the time you read this, Marlwood Park should be turned back over to the residents. I’m happy to report that the renovations to the park that I mentioned a … [Read More...]

Property Managers Report – February 2014

This month I will be short and to the point…   Just a couple of things to share: Board stuff: Last month I reported that the PGA POA Board will remain the same. The next election will be January, 2015. The next project is the 2014-15 operating … [Read More...]

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Security Directors Report – April 2014

We are nearly half way done with 2014 already and I would like to take a brief moment to give you a review of the year thus far. We seem to be on pace for another year of overall crime reduction within PGA National. This being said it has been a busy … [Read More...]

Security Directors Report – March 2014

As the Director of Security, I receive a lot of information on criminal activity throughout the state of Florida. I feel that the sharing of this information with you is part of my duty. I’d like to a take moment to inform you all about two current … [Read More...]

Security Directors Report – December 2013

It was a great year in security for PGA National. At the time this article was written, the overall major crime incidents within PGA National decreased by 44% from last year. Major crimes are classified as residential burglaries, auto burglaries and … [Read More...]

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Veterans Garden – Dedicated and Open!

The official dedication ceremony for PGA's new Veterans Garden in Masters Park took place on Sunday, November 10th - a bright, sunny, wonderful day! With an estimated 400 PGA residents and their friends as well as Federal, State, County and City … [Read More...]

Veterans’ Recognition Garden Update #2

As you may have noticed, our Recognition Garden is coming together nicely! The markers for the 5 branches of the Military have been put in place ... and most recently, the flagpole and lighting were installed. Once installed we went ahead and … [Read More...]

Police Foundations: Fundraising Events

In last month’s article we talked about the efforts of Police Foundation’s to gain the financial support of the local community, both residents and businesses, and various ways in which donations and gifts can be given.  These included the annual … [Read More...]

Veterans’ Recognition Garden Update #1

Phase I of construction of the new Veterans Recognition Garden in PGA National's Masters Park has been completed. The area has been cleared and the 5 large stones, each one with a disc representing a branch of the US Military, have been delivered … [Read More...]

2011 Annual Art Festival and Craft Fair

Some wonderful photos taken at the Annual Art Festival and Craft Fair.   … [Read More...]

Annual Children’s Party in the Park

Some wonderful photos taken at the Annual Children's Party in the Park. … [Read More...]

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