What the City is Doing to Combat Zika


As the Zika virus continues to be a concern, the City of Palm Beach Gardens has been carefully monitoring the situation and is taking a proactive approach to ensure the safety of our community.


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Welcome to the PGA National community!

by Dawn Levinstein, Property Manager

Whether you are new to the area or have lived in PGA for many years, you will find helpful information on this site.

PGA is a 2,340 acre community comprised of more than 40 individual neighborhood associations. Clicking this link - COMMUNITIES - will bring you to a list of the communities and access to the management company contact for each community.

The day-to-day operations are handled through the POA office on Fairway Drive by the Lang Management Company staff who report to the nine member Board of Governors. There are also a number of Committees who report to the Board.   Information about the Board and the Committees can be found by clicking here for the BOARD and here for the … Read More...

Property Manager’s Report – August 2016

Thanks to those who called and said they missed my article….nice to know someone is reading this. I enjoyed my first “real” vacation since I came to PGA 18 years, 7 months and 10 days ago (but who is counting). Yes, I really was on vacation and had a … [Read More...]

Property Manager’s Report – June 2016

LOCK IT OR LOSE IT There should be an article in this issue from the Security Director, Keith Echols. The City is again experiencing problems with theft. While typical theft is as a result of vehicle (or home) doors left unlocked, there have been a … [Read More...]

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Security Director’s Report – August 2016

I would like to take a moment of your time to reiterate how important it is to secure and protect your property. So far this year, we have experienced eight residential burglaries and several other incidents in which items such as unsecured bicycles … [Read More...]

Security Director’s Report – July 2016

As your security provider, it is an absolute pleasure providing security services to the community.  We enjoy the interaction each encounter brings and the trusting relationships that those  encounters create. However, over the past few months, … [Read More...]

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